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List of Classmates (35 total; none can be contacted; 35 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Florence May Baldwin [Philbrook Crockett]     05/31/1988  
William Craig Brittingham     03/06/1974  
Delilah Margaret Brown [Vanderkraats]     01/12/2001  
Sylvia Rebecca Chandler [Gregg]     10/06/2000  
Erma Steele Cochran [Case]     02/24/1983  
Gerald Vincent Craddock     04/23/1983  
Anna Louise DeWire [Connor]     06/28/2000  
James Francis Donahue, Jr.     09/06/1974  
William Leo Donoghue     11/07/1947  
Henrietta Devoe Fenstermacher [Crosson]     12/15/1979  
Margaret Sharpless Heald [Green]     08/20/1952  
Ralph William Hollingsworth     07/02/1976  
Frances Owen Hoopes [Johnston Ivins]     08/21/1995  
Elizabeth Huey [MacNutt]     08/21/1984  
Mary Elizabeth Hyde [Slade]     06/02/1998  
Bertha Virginia Kerr [Cagle]     12/20/1982  
Sara Janette King [Fackler]     08/25/1973  
Thomas Williamson Kinsey     11/14/1989  
Alton Wiley Lovell     05/05/1979  
Clifford Eugene McFadden     12/17/1984  
Clarence Lyon McKelvie     09/25/1995  
Martha Jean McKelvie [Curry]     09/24/1974  
Jennie Louise O'Neill [Dunn]     08/06/2002  
Annie Mae Pierce [Woodward]     06/30/1967  
Helen Chandler Powell [Howe]     10/31/2002  
Ruth Hanna Pusey     12/22/1948  
Harrison Liberton Reinke     10/18/1973  
Helen Gladys Roney [Mote Leight]     10/30/1991  
Helen Elizabeth Showalter [Reynolds]     03/15/1951  
Marian Gladys Smith [Gochnauer]     03/29/1995  
Sarah Martha Thompson [Sharpless]     01/06/1998  
Joseph Donald Edmiston Turner     09/18/1961  
Everett James Walker     09/20/1978  
Catherine Elizabeth Weber [Hanway]     02/22/2014  
Albert Thompson Woodward     06/09/1990  

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