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List of Classmates (147 total; 74 can be contacted; 3 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Elizabeth Ann Aiken        
Kristina Lynne Allen [Johnston]   facebook    
Roberto Alvarez        
Chadwick Nathan Anderson   facebook    
Maria Rosa Avalos   facebook    
Megan Anne Baccellieri [Gigliotti]        
Gina Noel Basciani [Cirucci]   facebook    
Kimberly Colette Bishop [Koch]   facebook    
Gerry Blaine Blevins, Jr.        
Gregory Martin Bonifacino   facebook    
Sandra Lynn Bonifacino [Maldonado]        
Erin Nicole Borror [Miller]   facebook    
James Bowman   facebook    
Mitchell Alan Brison, Jr.   facebook    
Courtney Brown   facebook    
Lea Ann Brumbaugh [Bowers]   email,facebook    
Maurice E. Butcher   facebook    
Alison Inda Butler        
Ryan Greene Cafferty [Aiken]   facebook    
Michelle Nichole Caputo [Duran]   facebook    
Gregory Augustine Carozzo   facebook    
Kimitha Ann Cashin   facebook    
Mitchell Andrew Clifton   facebook    
Erica Marie Cline        
Keith Daniel Cogdill d   06/01/1994  
Joshua Nathan Cole        
Christian Roberto Collazo        
Trixia Collazo [Santiago]   facebook    
Lilia Annette Colon   facebook    
Adam Joseph Comegys        
Kardell Maurice Cotten        
Casey Nicole Craig        
Chavon Lea Crampton   facebook    
Laura Beth Crozier        
Joseph Andrew Cypressi   facebook    
Diana Marie Dampman [Simpson]        
Steven David D'Angelo        
Matthew Brandon DiFilippo        
Claire Michael Doordan   facebook    
Daniel Anthony Draper, Jr.   facebook    
Carrie Elaine Duncan        
Joey Brian Eachus   facebook    
Joseph Fredrick Eckman, Jr.   facebook    
Kevin Michael Fiumara   facebook    
Julia Carroll Fornoff        
Elizabeth Conaill Bimead Gamble        
Wayne Eric Glasco, Jr.        
Daniel Gonzalez, II        
Ronald Allen Goodwin, Jr.   facebook    
Eric John Gremminger, Jr.   facebook    
Michael Anthony Guizzetti, Jr.        
Peer Wolfram Gunter        
Marci Niesha Hall [Mullen]        
Sterling Francis Hardin        
Laura Michelle Hemsarth   facebook    
Jennifer Lynne Hoopes [Eckert]   facebook    
Jeremy David Horner   facebook    
John Scott Howell        
Dorothy Joan Hubbard [Myers]        
Eric Alan Jackson   facebook    
Ronetta Rebecca Jackson [Mitchell]        
Sharis Beth Jackson   facebook    
Yolanda Marie Jackson   facebook    
Bridgette Sara Johns        
Christopher Allan Jones   facebook    
Derek Clayton Jones        
Matthew Beckett Jones        
Susie Villalobos Juarez        
Katherine Louise Kerr [Willingham]        
Carla Marie Kimmel [-Smith]        
Kelly Lynn King [Regester]   facebook    
Joshua Andrew Krall   facebook    
Kelle Anne Lafferty [Smith]   facebook    
Christina Louise Laird        
Stephen Michael Lattanzio   facebook    
Quinn Stevens Lewis        
Timothy Wayne Liddick, Jr.   facebook    
Sarah J. Lippincott        
Angel Manuel Lopez, Jr.        
Virginia Carol Lucas   facebook    
Jennifer Kimberly Magill [Wiradilaga]   facebook    
James Raleigh Mahaffey   facebook    
Shannon Michele Masten   facebook    
Lisa Christine Mastrippolito [Schoen]        
Andrew Reed McVaugh        
Anibal Junior Milam   facebook    
John C. Minshall   facebook    
Heather Ann Moran        
Philip Mustico   facebook    
Tanna Ann Nilan [Roberts]   email,facebook   view news
Kevin Patrick O'Neil        
Miguel Angel Ocampo        
Kathryn Ann O'Neill [Murphy]        
Lisa Marie Otero [Ramos]        
Melissa Elaine Paparone   email    
Eric Michael Petrucci   facebook    
Jeffrey Mark Phillippe     03/15/2017  
Erin Serena Pia        
Christopher John Pierce        
Dena Marie Raimato [Schott]   facebook    
Stefanie Dawn Reynolds        
Alicia Eugenia Rigler        
Caterine Rigobon-Bazo        
Awilda Martinez Rivera        
Eggie Rivera     01/23/2017  
Juan Luis Rivera, Jr.        
Crystal G. Roark        
Adam Rodenboh   facebook    
Robert Boyd Roemer, Jr.   facebook    
Anita Pauliina Sakko        
Joseph Santiago   facebook    
Christopher John Scalise   facebook    
Robert Everett Schaefer, III        
Angela Mary Schleuter [Lang]   facebook    
Thomas David Sebastiani        
Zachary Alan Sedlak        
Susie Desta Sell        
Tara Nichol Sheets   facebook    
Andrea Lynn Short        
David Sean Smith   facebook    
William Henry Smith IV   email    
Mariellen Solensky [Barr]   facebook    
Jord Sonneveld        
Andrew William Spencer   email,facebook    
Aaron Thomas Springer   facebook    
Rashim Lateef Steele   facebook    
David Karl Storm   facebook    
Clifford Allen Stout, Jr.        
Richard B. Tackett   facebook    
Stephen Keith Tavoni   facebook    
Jason Bernard Timmonds   facebook    
Diana Marie Toto        
Phillip Gregory Toto   facebook    
Rachael Ann Toto [Quinn]   facebook    
Joseph Paul Troilo        
Andrea Lynn Vattilano [Lewis]   facebook    
Teresa Ann Villicana        
Adam Lee Vonnahme        
Daniil Yevgenyevich Voronkov        
Reginald Venas Watson, II        
Andrew Westley        
Nathan Ernst Weyer   facebook    
Leslie Linnea Whittle [Brewer]   facebook    
Margaret Louise Wilkinson        
Michele Linda Williams        
Debra Ann Woodward [-Sheme]   facebook    
Crystal Marie Wright [Lattanzio]   facebook    

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