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List of Classmates (138 total; 37 can be contacted; 4 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Chandra L. Affeldt [Russo]   facebook    
Paul David Allen        
Arturo Diaz Almansa        
Corene Elaine Amoss     05/27/1993  
Susan Beryl Annand     06/04/1996  
Anthony Wayne Atley        
Heather Lynn Babcock        
Carl Edward Baccellieri        
Kathleen Lenore Baccellieri [Garrigan]   facebook    
Alice Anne Barber        
Theron C. Barger        
Andrea D. Bazzano [Cassidy]   facebook    
Melissa Kay Beck        
Sherry Beth Bisson [Broomell]   facebook    
Tracey Nichole Blevins [McCloskey]   facebook    
Malissa Marie Bonifacino [Nicotera]        
Charles Andrew Bossert        
Gary A. Bossert   email    
Laurin Lee Britt [Rossetti]        
Brian J. Brittingham        
Kevin Joseph Buckley        
Earnest William Calhoun III        
Jennifer Ann Callahan [Carello]   facebook    
Marc Christopher Cammarata        
Kristy Lee Carlin [Samowich]        
Steven Karl Carrigan        
Julia J. Castle   send letter    
Dennis J. Chambers        
Debra Ann Chandler        
Michael Halas Cole        
Aliza Susanne Collazo        
Sylvia Collazo [-Caraballo]   facebook    
Stacy Carolyn Coombs [Shalvey]   facebook    
Susan Marie Cornelius [Miller]        
Angel Luis Cosme     08/10/2008  
Laura Cathryn Cotton        
Dominic Anthony Daddezio   facebook    
James D. Denny, Jr.        
Terrance E. DeShields        
Kathleen Fay Eller [VanNostrand]        
Rita Catherine Eller [Claycomb]        
Lori Elizabeth Facer        
Matthew Robert Feaster        
James Foster        
Barry Frank Fragale   facebook    
John Joseph Furia        
Jacqueline J. Giancola [Brison]   facebook    
Vincent John Giroso   facebook    
Paul William Gouge        
Wendy H. Gray        
Stephanie Rose Anne Grib [Doyle]        
Aaron Matthew Grobelny   facebook    
Michael Francis Haftl   facebook    
Stephen Joseph Haftl        
Sean J. Harrison        
Wendy L. Hedrick [Borror]   facebook    
Douglas Frederick Herbert        
Denise Marie Holloway [Miller]        
Mark Calvin Hoopes        
Daniel J. Ironside   email    
Darryl Ronald Jenkins, Jr.        
Joseph F. Jennings        
Norma Jeannette Jimenez [Wyatt]        
John Wesley Jims        
Kimberly Ellen Johnson        
Michael Andrew Johnson x   08/16/1990  
Susan Elizabeth Jones        
Sanchilo Kosila        
Robert William Kreuter        
Janae D. Lee [Branch]        
Sonia Germaine Leounes   email    
David A. Lewis        
Jennifer Denise Lipscomb   facebook    
Melissa Lopez   facebook    
Dean Gregory Madonna        
Rainer V. Mager        
Christine Marie Maichle [Maughan]   facebook    
Regina Lynn Maloney        
Domenic G. Martelli   facebook    
Aaron Diego Martin        
Matthew William Marvel        
Amy Beth Meadowcroft [Reeves]        
Aprille N. Miller        
Alice P. Mitchell [Holdaway]        
Matthew Willard Murphy        
Dan Judd Myers        
Jennifer Neide        
Peggy Lolita Osborne [Darlington]   facebook    
Charles Raymond Owen III        
Karen Patricia Paisley        
William Robert Panuski III   email   view news
Joseph Anthony Papa        
Patricia Ann Parsons [Dales]   email,facebook   view news
John Keith Porter        
Meredith A. Pusey [Rodriguez]        
Stephen Brooke Rayne        
Dennis Woodward Reagan, Jr.        
Harry B. Reeves        
Robert Moore Reeves, Jr.        
Stephen K. Riale   email   view news
Amy Mercer Roberts [Patroni]   facebook    
Stacey Ann Roberts [Floyd]        
Monica H. Rohacek        
Claude Denise Anne Rome        
Justin Keith Rowe   facebook    
Kevin J. Royer        
Gina Maria Ruggieri        
Jennifer Leigh Sansbury [Buckley]   email    
Shannon Paige Scarlett [Helmecki]   facebook    
Jacqueline Marie Schiavoni [Orth]   facebook    
Anthony Frederick Seely        
Matthew Thomas Sgro        
Marcus Anthony Sharp   email    
Pamela Ann Sheran [McClure]   facebook    
Dorothy Elizabeth Smith        
Paula Ann Smith        
Robert Shawn Starkey        
Adam Scott Steven Swayne        
David Ross Tamblingson        
Christopher Rhoads Tatnall        
Deloris Ann Taylor [Lloyd]        
James Pierson Taylor, Jr.        
Rebecca Lynn Taylor        
Kristian Michelle Testa [Denny]        
John Joseph Torello        
Raymond Anthony Toto III        
Linda Louise Townsend        
Michael Eugene Trautman        
Paul C. Waters III        
Shawn Patrick Weitzel        
Stanley J. Wilcox        
Christine Lewise Wilkinson   facebook    
Lynn Michelle Williams        
Sherry Lynn Willis [Stephenson]   facebook    
William H. Worrall III        
Janet Lynn Zell [Snow]   facebook    
John Anthony Zimkowski        
Michelle Angel Zunino [Tuel]        

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