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List of Classmates (145 total; 43 can be contacted; 6 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Stacey Lynn Alexander [Louderback]   facebook    
Jonathan David Aloisio   facebook    
Tammi Linn Perez Alonzo        
George B. Amoss        
Lisa Marilyn Apps [Sybrandt]   email,facebook   view news
Mary Lou Auriti        
Adrian N. Avila        
Joy E. Baker [Chamberlain]   facebook    
Thomas Paul Baker        
Sicilia Pamela Barcia [Kleppinger]        
Deborah P. Barger        
David Anthony Belfiore   email    
Robert Bruce Bennett, Jr.        
Yanaka Bernal        
Joseph Ormond Birmingham, Jr.   facebook 08/21/2020  
Stephen Robert Blevins        
Frances Blittersdorf [Quillen]        
Gweneth Kent Bourgeault [Rehnborg]   email,facebook    
Joyce Michelle Helen Bowman [Prigg]        
Laurie Anne Brackin [Campanaro]        
Christie Anne Bravo        
Earl Tommy Briley, Jr.     07/28/2017  
Ernest Brison, Jr.        
Robert Scott Britt        
Deneane Elizabeth Brittingham [Platt]        
Wendy F. Calvarese        
William Joseph Carozzo        
Jeff Carter        
Barbara Ann Cash [Biggs]   facebook    
Amy Lynn Channell [Hunter]   email,facebook    
Jerry Lynn Chipman   email,facebook    
John Jason Clare        
Reed Aaron Coats        
Lisa Marie Cole        
Steven Anthony Collins        
Patricia Ann Cornelius   email    
Kristin Dawn Cornette [Christof]        
William Lee Daniels        
Joseph Andrew D'Antonio        
Michael John Demetry   email    
Heather Mills Detwiler        
Michelle Elizabeth Devon [Nask]   facebook    
Sandy Maria DiUbaldo [Ciarrocchi]   facebook    
Stephen Richard Dunmeyer        
Steven Boyd Dunn        
Kelly Alison Ebbecke        
Charles Eugene Edwards        
Susan Catherine Eick   facebook    
Linda Lee Eldreth [Woods]        
Bruce Alexander Elliott, III   facebook    
David G. Feaster, II        
Andrew Paul Felicetti   facebook    
Gale Marie Ferranto        
Carl Mark Force, IV   email    
Kimberly Lynn Foresman [Becker]        
Michael Alan Fragale        
George A. Furia, Jr.        
Adrienne Louise Gallagher        
Lisa Ann Giroso [Forrester]   facebook    
Carl Hall        
David Hampton t facebook    
Jacqueline Anne Heald [Johnson]        
Audrea Healey t email    
Robin Claire Hickey [Lipford]        
Scott David Hoffman        
Sheila Ann Hogan [Levie]        
Michael Wayne Holloway        
Stephen Edward Ironside        
Sherry Lynn Jackson [Hampton]     10/01/2014  
William Edward Jackson        
Albert Douglas Jarmon        
Abigail Juarez Villalobos        
Alexander Anthony Kane        
Wendy Michelle Kimmel        
Sibil Renita Kirk        
Etsumi Kodama        
Steven Edward Lam        
Brett Thomas Lang   facebook    
James Harold Lee        
Steven Raymond Lessig        
Jeffrey L. Lynch        
Karl Andrew Marvel   facebook    
Frederick O. Maxwell, Jr.        
Raymond Maxwell, Jr.        
Steven T. Melton        
Gerald Wayne Miller        
Michael Andrew Minatelli        
Robin Lee Murphy        
Patricia Anders Myers [Ashley]   facebook    
Joseph William Nichols        
Dawn Marie Niewinski [Ennis]   facebook    
Douglas Lee Noznesky        
Tania Cecilia Orellana Barcia        
Glenna Audrey Osborne [Jordan]   email,facebook    
Marsha Lynn Pannell [Melton]        
Thomas Samuel Pannell, Jr.        
Iris Renee Perez        
Kenneth Koerner Perry   facebook 04/19/2014  
Robert Carl Pitt   facebook    
Robert Gregory Polen   facebook    
Michelle E. Pratt        
Lynne Michele Reiter [-Truby]   email    
Michael Arthur Rice        
Tammy Marie Rice [Murphy]   facebook    
John Edward Rochester, Jr.        
Magaly Rodriquez        
Robert Brian Rogers        
John Frank Rosenbaum, Jr.     01/01/2005  
Lawrence Alan Rosenberg        
Peter James Ruggieri   email    
Donna Gail Rush [Sloan]   facebook    
Melissa Ann Sabocsik [Maule]   send letter,facebook    
Danielle Elizabeth Schleinitz [Hartman]        
Arienne Elizabeth Schmidt        
Kevin Charles Schneider   email    
Christian A. Schroeder        
Donald Franklin Scott        
Joy Lynn Sexton   facebook    
Kun Ho Shin        
Laura Elizabeth Shirley [Pilkington]   facebook    
Polly Elizabeth Smith        
Zachary Thayer Smith        
Daniel Eduardo Soto   facebook    
Troy A. Stevenson        
Candice Carol Stewart [Bunch]        
Michele Lee Sutton        
Jeffrey Michael Suwyn        
Tracy Anne Taylor [Hopkins]   facebook    
Brian Patrick Vahey   email    
Daniel Omar Valentin Agron   email    
David Valentin        
Lisa Ann Vallorani        
Peter Henry William van der Goes, Jr.        
William Paul Weaver, III        
Ami Kristen Weller [Hilton]   email,facebook    
Geoffrey Ryan Weyer        
Cheri Doris Whiteley        
Elisa Elaine Wilkinson [Brown]   facebook    
Dwight Garnette Williams     01/16/2015  
Sharon Denise Williams [Lyons]   facebook    
Alexandra Josan Winslow [McFeely]   facebook    
Angela Anne Woods        
Charles N. Wyatt, Jr.        
Diana Lee Wynn        
Andrew Scott Zunino        

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