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List of Classmates (145 total; 57 can be contacted; 7 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Terrie Allen [Bruecks]        
Tanya Marie Amoss [Momtahen]   facebook    
Ardeth Pauline Anderson [Abrams]        
Gina Marie Angelucci [Capaldi]   facebook    
Susan Patricia Augustine [Fritts]   email,facebook    
Lisa Bartoli [Adams] x facebook    
Jill Aleene Basciani [Echevarria]        
Anthony Basilio        
Scott Andrew Baxter        
Selena Bernal [Kufta] x      
Cynthia Ellen Bertrando [Williams]   facebook    
Duane Ervin Binkley        
Veronica E. Birmingham   email,facebook    
Sheila Maureen Blevins        
Matthew P. Brackin x   07/10/1992  
Karin Lee Britt [Knightly]     04/13/1999  
Robin Laverne Brown        
Enrique Caez, Jr.        
Terri L. Caldwell [Stinson]        
Lorena Camacho [Lopez]        
Stephen Michael Campbell        
Brenda Lynn Clark [Small]        
Gary Emerson Clarke        
Derek Colmenares        
Patricia Ann Cornett [Ryan]        
Melanie Ann Crossan [Ryder]   facebook    
Michael Ian Davies        
Jeffrey Warren Deckman   facebook    
Vivian Della Pelle [Anton]   facebook    
Kimberley Ann DeShong [Orndorff]   email,facebook    
Claire Regina Dietz        
Christopher Michael Dinon        
Leslie Marie Donohoe [D'Annibale]   facebook    
Kelly Essick [Thomforde] x facebook    
Cynthia Elizabeth Faassen [Sloyer]        
Suzanne Maria Fajans [Werner]   facebook    
Christopher Fantini        
Lars Edward Farmer t email    
Wendy Lee Finan        
George David Flores        
Jefferey D. Foresman        
Jaime V. Fragale        
Mary Garland [Williams] x      
Michelle Antoinette Giancola [Ensley]   facebook    
Thomas Victor Giancola   email    
Laura Glidden [Eagland] x email,facebook    
Natasa Gojkovic [Bukvic]   email,facebook   view news
Stephen Lawrence Gold        
Jesse Boaz-Vurgason Graham        
Barbara Marie Gray [Torres]   facebook    
Christopher George Grimes   facebook    
Eileen Theresa Hanna     10/28/2010  
Gregory William Harkin        
Charles Thomas Harrison        
George Edward Hartwell, III        
James Clayton Henderson, II        
Michelle Hoch [Auch]   facebook    
David Michael Hoernig   facebook    
Alma Lynn Holtzclaw [Simpson]   facebook    
Arthur Jackson Holveck, Jr.        
Douglas Wayne Hostetler        
Christopher John Ianieri   facebook    
Lisa Denise Jackson [Bass]        
Carl S. Johnson, Jr. x   11/25/1985  
Shelley Renee Johnson   email,facebook    
Robert Walter Keating        
Keith Steven Kimmel        
Kevin M. Konitzer        
Brian Lawrence        
Donald Frank Leo        
Gail Marie Leo [Hublein]   facebook    
Michael Leonard t      
John McKenzie Levins   facebook    
George Kenneth Lewis, III   facebook    
Kathy June Lewis [Trautman]        
Roseann Lovisa [Jester]        
Jaan Heino Lutter   facebook    
Rudy Daniel Madonna     02/10/1994  
Stephania Domenica Martelli [Price]        
Donna L. Matarese [Whitig]   facebook    
Phyllis A. Maxwell   facebook    
Jill Jean McLennan [Winterling]   facebook    
Andrew J. Meadowcroft        
Carl Anthony Milbourne        
Andrea Lynn Miller [Powers]   facebook    
Dennis Harvey Miller        
Margaret Elizabeth Blackwell Miller        
Charlotte Faye Mitchell [Kirkpatrick]   facebook    
Laura Ann Mitchell        
Karen Lynn Mochnoc [Harvey]   email    
Christopher John Montovino        
Annmarie Mount [Stigale]        
Timothy James Murphy        
Dianne Michele Nicely   facebook    
Lori Ann Niewinski [Hands]   facebook    
Michael Norris   facebook    
Gwendolyn Grace Nunn [Oscar]        
Jane Ellen O'Sullivan [McDonald]   email,facebook    
Kimberly Lynn Phipps [Knox]        
Leone Leonello Pizzini        
Margaret Suzanne Pusey [Lawrence]        
Lisa Ann Reeves [Smith]   facebook    
David Earl Reinhart        
Robert Clinton Renner        
Harry Reyes   facebook    
Nina Reynolds [Ryan] x facebook    
Tracy Lynn Risacher [Bristoe]        
Isabel Rosa [-DeShields]        
Heidi Roschinsky [Quarracino]        
Kimberly R. Rosenbaum [Jester]   facebook    
David Ross        
Joseph William Roten        
Joseph Paul Ruggieri        
Jan Suzanne Scalise        
David Scott   facebook    
Darryl Juan Sharp        
Randy Steven Shaulis   facebook    
Stephen Thomas Sherwood, Jr.   facebook    
Harold Dean Shick, Jr. u   06/05/2019  
Maria Elizabeth Sirianni [Miller]        
Paula Elaine Smith        
Yvonne Earlene Smith [Perry]   facebook    
Khamtanh Souphanthavong        
Lisa Michelle Stansbury        
Dawn Stella [Bishop] x      
Tia Stevenson [Durnell]   facebook    
Kathie Lee Swayne [Weaver]     05/05/2010  
Robert Marc Taraboletti        
Michael Kevin Tate        
Robert Titus        
Daniel Ray Trautman        
Jennifer Mae Ulkloss [Riggins]   facebook    
John B. Underwood        
Lilian Zoe Agron Valentin   email    
Susan J. Walsh [Waltman]        
Wendy Elizabeth Webb [Lafferty]   facebook    
Jonathan Alan Welsh   facebook    
Julie Anita Wetterholt [Fincher]   facebook    
Wendy Lee Whiteley [Frye]   facebook    
Paige Lynn Williams [Evans]        
Carol Denise Winters        
Kathleen I. Worthington        
Melissa Elaine Younce [Peters]   facebook    
Kelly J. Zimkowski [Hostetler]   facebook    
Harry Augusto Zunino   facebook    

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