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List of Classmates (158 total; 40 can be contacted; 10 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
John Kalbach Aman, Jr.        
Genevieve H. Anderson [Byrne]        
Margaret Anne Angelucci [Dunmeyer]   facebook    
Nicholas Vincent Angelucci, Jr.        
Matthew Scott Arrington x      
James Douglass Atkins        
Diana Auriti [Narbus]        
Emma Auriti   facebook    
Leslie Anne Bahel [Muir]   facebook    
Patty Sue Barker [Davenport]   facebook    
Howard Cole Barwell        
Michael Nelson Bass        
Henry Belfiore        
Alice Diane Bennett [Messick] t email    
Robert Andrew Berdoulay        
Christopher Hindin Berger        
Rique Stephen Bladen     10/13/1989  
Jan Laraine Bossert [Ruggiero]        
William George Brittingham        
Deborah Ann Brooks        
Aliciann Broomall [Buffington]        
Christopher John Brown        
Deborah Jean Brown        
Phillip Reilly Buffington     11/14/2012  
Lisa Angeline Butler        
Matthew Calvarese        
Diane Louise Campbell [Ruffini]   facebook    
Michael V. Carlino   send letter    
Mark Edward Case        
John David Chandler        
Barbara Ann Cleaves        
Jane Ann Cleaves [Yerkes]   facebook    
Lesia Roxanne Cogdill [Duvall]        
Linda Marie Collins        
Sherry Lynn Combs Ellsworth        
Linda Marie Cornette        
John Patrick Cramer     06/10/1986  
Karen Regina Cramer        
Vincent Carman Crognale        
Stephanie Alexander Crossan [Brown]        
Anthony Vincent D'Amico, Jr.        
Okie Ruby Darnell [Taylor]        
Donna Marie Davis [Grady]   facebook    
Toyge Randolph Davis   facebook    
James Joseph Delduco        
Robert Anthony DePippo, Jr.        
Anthony Joseph Donofrio, III        
Margaret Elizabeth Dougherty [McComsey]   facebook    
Rhonda Elaine Ellisor [Sarver]   email    
Steven Clay Engle     11/25/2014  
Robert M. Fantini        
Tracy Lee Farmer        
Lisa E. Ferron [Trautman]   facebook    
Kevin Lee Fertig        
Vincent Fiore        
Miriam Zenaida Flores [Carr]        
Joanne Elizabeth Frezzo [Casteel]   facebook    
Michael Patrick Gain        
Teresa Lynne Goodwin        
Michael Christopher Grib        
Linda Suzanne Griffith [Tucker]   facebook    
Susan L. Griffith [Crossan]   facebook    
Melanie Denise Grimes [Harmon]        
Robin Michelle Groves [Boxler]   facebook    
Mark Joseph Haftl        
Mario Eugene Hall   facebook    
Douglas Charles Handy        
James Arthur Harrison x   01/28/2012  
Alicia Charlene Hicks        
Edward Lane Hollars        
Valerie Ann Hopkins   facebook    
Robert Andrew Huffard        
David Cameron Jones     10/17/2019  
Richard Lewis Keating        
Letisha Beth Kinsey [Himelstein Copeland]     05/27/2019  
Tracy Ann Lafferty [Hersh]   facebook    
Michael Arthur Lawrence        
Janet Kay Leech [D'Antonio]        
Kimberly Ann Lewis        
Kathleen Lorraine London [Burgos]        
Paul Lorzier        
Mark William Lowe        
Liliana Mancino [Altman]   facebook    
Barbara Ann Martin [Holcomb]        
Daniel Martinez        
Ernest Jacob Marvel        
Mario A. Masciantonio        
Jeffrey Allen Mason        
Angela Maria Mastrippolito [DiMatteo]        
Christine Marie Matarese   facebook    
Terri Denise Mayo [McClain]   facebook    
Janet Marie McCumber [Cammarata]   facebook    
James Joseph McDonaugh        
Frank James McKelvey, III        
Steven Miles Mettenheimer        
Padric Gerard Miller        
Sheila Ann Miller        
Marvin Henry Mitchell        
Daryl E. Mooney        
Ana Vicky Morales        
Steven George Moran   email    
Thomas Owen Myers        
Nancy Jean Neff [DelFera]        
Denise Jayne Nicely        
Edward Jesse Niewinski, Jr.        
Deborah Ann Nocho [Gonzalez]        
Vincent Gregory Odorisio        
Thomas Scott Ogurcak        
John Orbon        
Sandra Ann Osborne [Seiler]   facebook    
Timothy David Osborne        
Crystal Dartnell Owensby [Motlasz]        
Cheryl Ann Pannell [Miller]   facebook    
David Michael Pannell        
Robert Gregory Parsell        
Carol Renee Passante [Daggers]   facebook    
Roberta Lavonne Pennington [Melendez]   facebook    
Annie Mae Phillips        
Ronald Leone Pizzini        
Robert Gregg Plankinton        
Stephen Marshall Potter        
Priscilla Ann Price   facebook    
Susan Elaine Ragon [Obaditch]   facebook    
Samuel Lee Reeves        
Patricia Jean Regester        
Scott Douglas Riale     03/05/2016  
Natalie Elaine Riley [Furia]   facebook    
Carmen Rosado [Rodriguez]     03/26/2019  
Brian Keith Roten        
David Michael Ruggieri     09/01/2014  
Raymond Richard Ruggieri        
Vicki Lynn Ruggieri [Huber]        
Edwin Harold Schmidt        
Tammy Carol Sharp [Matheson]        
Michael Albert Simone        
Jerald Andrew Singer        
Eric John Smith        
David A. Starkey        
John C. Tait x email    
Pamela Marie Talamonti        
Dawn Michelle Tate        
Andrew Joseph Tavoni        
Michelle Lynn Testa [Slicer]   facebook    
Beverly Ann Teti [Moran]   facebook    
Mary Lee Thompson [Heck]   facebook    
Richard Thomas Trautman        
Ethel Louise Vansant [Wagner]        
Traci Rachelle Vestal        
Stephen Wandishin        
Timothy Austin Welsh        
Scott Francis Wilczynski        
Lillian Kay Williams   email    
Carol Lynn Willoughby [Ohm]   email,facebook    
Ralph Peppe Wilson        
John J. Woodward, III        
Richard Clark Yarnall   facebook    
Judith Ann Yoder        
Charles Zagorskie   facebook    

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