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List of Classmates (165 total; 28 can be contacted; 12 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Karen Irene Allaband [Myers]   email,facebook    
Belinda Mae Allen        
Curtis Lee Allen        
David Wayne Allen        
Debra Lynn Allen        
Anita Jane Anderson [Cruz]   facebook    
Stephen Augustine        
Susan Marie Barlow        
Michael Joseph Basciani        
Michael David Bazzano        
David John Berdoulay     03/19/2013  
Michael John Biondi        
Tamie Anne Bowers [Roberts]        
Robert Boykins        
Gregg Bowman        
Jeffrey Alan Brun        
Leslie Burr [Medinger]        
Barry Lee Butler        
Beverly Ann Butler [Scott]        
Annette Catena [Vattilano]        
Michael Christie        
Robert John Ciarrocchi        
Sharon Ann Collins        
Lisa Danette Commodari   email   view news
Manuel Cordero        
Daniel Clifford Crampton        
Luis Raul Cruz     09/19/2013  
John D'Amico x      
Stephen D'Antonio        
Nancy Mae Darnell [Pantano]   facebook    
Gary Michael Day        
John DePaoli        
Carol Anne Dewey [Nardo]   email    
Harry Randall Dillow        
Sandrea Ann Dishman [Tyson]   facebook    
Noel Angelique Dutton        
Sally Ann Estacio [Bennett]        
Frederick W. Farmer   email    
Veronica Marie Farmer [Rohrer]   email    
Maria Gertrude Feeney        
John Andrew Felicetti        
Roger Louis Ferranto        
Frank Anthony Ferranto, Jr.        
Anne Ferrara        
Susan Marie Ferron [Burkhart]        
Louis Michael Fidanza        
Janet Ann Fiore [Ruggieri]   email    
Lee Anne Fisher [Beasley]        
David Wayne Forrester   facebook    
Suzanne Franck [Penny]        
Jacqueline Jae Gallo        
Mark Thomas Gatti   facebook    
Susan Brenda Geist [Bernet]        
Carmen Elaine Gilliam     03/09/2018  
James Rhoads Glass     07/16/1996  
Alfred Good   facebook    
Edward Moreland Grant        
Mark Lawrence Gregg     05/03/2018  
David Coleman Griffith        
Sharon Ann Griffith [Roman]        
Deborah Kay Grimes [LePera]        
Vicki Lynn Haines [-Rohrer]   facebook    
William Frank Hall        
Theodore Joseph Hall        
Richard Del Halsey        
Terry Lynn Harrison        
Cheryl Ann Harvey        
Paul Darryl Hazzard        
Lorrie Ann Heeren [Dixon]        
David William Helenic        
Francis Joseph Henry, Jr.        
Constance Jean Hostetler [Grimsey]     08/31/1990  
Laura Janice Hunt [Hawkins]        
Dalia Teresa Jakubauskas        
Renee Denise Jarmon        
Patricia Ann Jenkins [Huff]   facebook    
Kevin Keating        
Janet Crawford Kee        
Richard Paul Kelly        
Mark Allen Kelleher        
Edward William Killheffer        
Susan Lynn Landmesser [Augustine]        
Robert Paul Leo        
Margaret Leonard t      
Harold Lee Lephew        
Carol Ann Lewis [-Warren]        
Teresa Joy Lewis [Ledezma]   facebook    
Joseph Longenecker        
Victor Joseph Marini        
Donna Marie Marino        
Richard Joseph Mason   email    
Robert Merwin Matheson        
Schuyler Mohr McCabe   email,facebook   view news
Robert Barron McComsey   facebook    
Sandra Louise McDonaugh [McVaugh]   facebook    
Denise Myrtle McGovern [Charbonnier]        
Jeffrey Douglas McKinstry   email    
Michael Karl Mettenheimer        
Barbara Jean Miller   email    
Kenneth Carroll Miller     03/01/2018  
Amy Jane Neil        
John Edward Nicely   email    
Andrew Major Nichols        
Fiona Victoria Nutt [Clark]        
Gregory John O'Brien     07/02/2018  
Nicholas R. Odorisio, Jr.        
David Bruce Ogram        
Jeffrey Carl Pannell        
Wally Douglas Peacock     01/07/2021  
Angelo James Perrone     03/23/2018  
Danny Ray Pierce        
Beatrice Alicia Poe [Harmon]        
David Hannum Potter        
Jeffrey Scott Pritchard        
Steven Howard Regester        
Susan Reilly [Whitecloud]        
Neal Francis Reynolds        
Robert James Reynolds        
Jeffrey Rickerman        
Brenda Sue Ring   facebook    
Barbara Kay Roberts        
Rose Robinson        
Gina Adele Romandino        
Brenda Frances Ruggieri [DiProspero]     09/05/2018  
Melanie Ruth Ruggieri [Pratola]        
Frances Rebecca Ruoss [Scholl]   email    
Marily Dawne Rush [Vega]        
Kim Suzanne Scalise        
Lee Anne Schoch [Pierce]        
Susan Stafford Schoch        
Walter Forrest Schopfer        
Patricia Dawn Sexton [Thomforde]        
Donna Marie Shar        
Eric Drew Sharpless        
Agostino Sinabaldi        
Douglas Singo        
Wanda Soto [-Quintana]   email    
Arthur Joseph Spencer, Jr.        
Robert Michael Starkey        
Lauren Scott Steltzer        
Amy Elizabeth Sterner [Gould]        
Mark Dominic Strengari        
Terri Lyn Stroud [Leamer]        
David Louis Teel   email    
Robert Mario Testa        
Laura Lynne Thompson        
Walter Wayne Thompson, Jr.        
Kimberly Anne Tilley [Balfe]   email,facebook    
Elaine Violetta Ulkloss [Hawk]        
Mark E. Unruh        
Nancy Maria Vattilano        
Margaret Anne Vincenti        
Janice Louise Walker        
John Franklin Watson        
Donna Lynn Weible [Allaband]        
Dian Patricia Wendel [Arthurs]   email    
Beth Ann Tice Wilcox        
Andrew S. Withers        
Anne Kathleen Wollard        
Barbara Wood        
Kathy Lynne Worth [Leo]        
Donna Marie Yoder        
Loreen Frances Young [Foster]        
Susan Lorraine Young [Jentoft]        
Lee Ann Zagorskie     04/17/2007  

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