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List of Classmates (193 total; 30 can be contacted; 25 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Craig Jeffrey Aiken        
Theresa Suzanne Anderson [-Greathouse]     05/06/2013  
Charles Crawford Atkinson        
William Frederick Aurig        
Diane Marie Avello [Wood]        
Antonette Bacchetta [Fitz]   facebook    
Cheryl Ann Baccino [McCarthy]        
Liliana Bagnato [Iannuzzi]   email    
Marie Basilio [Phillips]        
Richard Basilio        
Patricia Bazzoli [Owens]        
Walter Carl Becker, 3rd     05/27/2007  
Patricia Ann Bedell        
Linda Anne Bennett [Frick]   email    
Mary Anglia Bertogli [Pannell]   facebook    
Ann Louise Beutler [Millerick]   facebook    
Sherry Lee Billings [Johnson]        
Sharon Irene Billings [Dilley-Fielding]        
Carol Jean Blevins [Oliver]        
John Michael Bowers        
Michelle Edith Bowers [Jackson]        
Patricia Ann Bowers        
Kevin Thomas Boyer        
Diane Brabner [Grabowski]   email,facebook    
Arnold Edward Brown     07/24/2015  
Kathleen Ann Brown [Gebhart]   email    
Sandra Roberta Brown     04/25/2012  
Mary Lee Bugliani [Pettinato]   facebook    
Donna Marie Caputo [Maddalozzo]        
Augustine Victor Carozzo        
Susan S. Carter        
Jonathan Goetz Chambers        
Michael David Ciorrocco        
Andrew John Ciuffetelli        
Brenda Gail Coldiron [Peterson]   facebook    
Coletta Lee Collins [Robinson]   email    
David Morris Cornette        
Lester Kenneth Cornette        
Susan Jane Cox [Hedrick]     09/28/2018  
Margaret Eileen Craig [Pennington]        
Brenda Darlene Cramer [Wiley]        
Carmen Lydia Cruz [Rivera]        
Diane Virginia Dalton [Tennent]        
Mary Ann Dario   facebook    
Wayne Nocho Davis     06/16/2019  
Mark Niel Demetry   email,facebook    
Carmen Della Pelle     03/06/1992  
Franklin Charles Destafney, Jr.        
Carol Sue Dickens        
Elaine Dieffenbach [Jacksland]   facebook    
Kathleen Marie DiFilippo [Corby]     03/22/2018  
Peter Stephen DiFilippo        
Tanya Lynn DiFilippo        
David C. Dilley x      
Lynn Louise Donohoe [Jamieson]   facebook 02/22/2021  
Howard Edward Dunfee     05/28/2008  
Heather Jane Dutton [Conlin]   facebook    
James Louis Felicetti        
Mary Ann Ferranto [Hollingsworth]        
Regina Fieni [Lafferty]   facebook    
Milagros Flores     06/25/1991  
Edward Richard Fourney        
Robert John Fragale        
Patricia Ann Gallagher [Nelms]        
Michael Philip Gatti        
Michele Claire Gatti        
Wilson Gault (Summers) t      
Phyllis Claire Gimbernat [Roberts]        
Lois Jacqueline Glasco     07/17/2010  
Jose Anthony Gonzales        
Ronald Allen Goodwin        
Cynthia Ellen Graves [Ray]        
Petra Dorothy Grieshaber [Young]        
Marjorie Marie Hamilton [Wilson]   facebook    
David Allen Hanna        
Stephen John Hannahs        
Faith Marie Harkins [Guizzetti]        
Robert Harold Hartman        
Jerry Michael Harvey        
Lawrence Robert Hendrickson        
Stephen D. Hetrick        
Mary Lee Hodge        
Michael Wayne Hollars        
Jeanne Anne Huffman        
Pamela Diane Hughes        
Elizabeth Stockton Humphreys        
Edmund Franklyn Hunt, Jr.        
Clarence Philip Jackson        
Rosemary Elaine Jennings [Graham]        
Lamont Johnson        
Evonne M. Jones        
Susan Virginia Jumper        
Albert Robert Kelly        
Kevin Michael Kendig   email    
William Kevin Kennedy        
Robert Edward Kilby        
Doris Ann Knott        
Melvin L. Kreps        
David Kuzo        
Donald Patrick Lafferty     03/31/1983  
Lewis Joseph Lafferty III     05/03/2019  
Patrick Alan Langley        
Charles Frederick Lawrence        
Diane Leonzis   facebook    
Christina Louise Leto [Primavera]        
Darcie Lynn Libby        
Jane Marie Little [Mellinger]   facebook    
Doris Elizabeth London [Lambert]        
Linda Diane Lorzier        
Joan Losito        
James Richard Lovisa        
Irma Leena Annette Lund        
Clyde Ott Lutter        
Nigel Patrick Mackenzie     09/28/1995  
Anthony Benjamin Maddalozzo        
James Ellis Madron     10/10/2001  
David Malchione        
Judith Lynn Malchione [Goodman]   facebook    
Helen Haines Mallard        
Barry James Mancino        
Richard John Mancino        
Frank William Manfredi        
Nancy Rose Marrone        
James Paul McClelland     11/21/1997  
Lewis Charles McConnell        
William Patrick McGovern        
Herbert Wilson McKinstry, Jr.     09/17/1990  
Paul James McLaughlin     04/19/2007  
Mary Jane McMillan [Ripka]     04/17/1996  
Jacqueline Mabel Mick        
Allen Robert Miller        
Dorothy Anna Moore [Reedy]     04/11/2006  
Wayne Murrey     01/31/2004  
Janet Ann Musacchio        
Robert Frances Pennington        
Denise Maria Perrone [Taraboletti]        
Victoria Ann Perry        
Rex Alan Phillips        
Michael Louis Pia        
Sharon Marie Powell [Murphy]        
Michael William Pratola III        
Tommy Dale Price        
Richard Joseph Reynolds        
Randy Dweyne Richardson        
Laura Helene Richter        
Lynn Powers Roberts        
Richard Sterling Rochester        
Eric Francis L. Romilly        
Donna Marie Ruggieri [-Hess]   facebook    
Lisa Joy Ruggieri [Vance]        
Rebecca Ann Ruggieri [Miles]        
Michael Stephen Saccucci        
Mark Robert Satterly   facebook    
Virgil Preston Scott     03/11/1986  
Eric Windle Sharp        
Eric Steven Sheets        
Mark Shilling        
Mitchel Wayne Simpler   email    
Jann Walton Smedley [Lamborn]        
Dean Herbert Snyder        
Kimberly Anne Snyder   email    
Patricia Ann Spencer [Daddario]        
Sally Dale St. John        
Glenn Allen Steffen   email    
Hugo Taraboletti        
Diane Carole Taylor [Robinson]        
David Gordon Tennent   email    
Verna Lenora Testerman [Lewis]        
Vicki Lee Thomas [Forrey]   facebook    
Sandra Joyce Thompson        
Justin Toto        
Donna Marie Troyan   facebook    
Michael Anthony Valentino        
James A. VanSant   facebook    
Loretta Jean VanSant        
Donald Walker        
Alfonzo Lawrence Walls        
Brian Howard Walls        
Catherine Sue Walton [DiCandilo]        
Allen B. Ward        
Barbara Jean Warner        
Frank Troth Way        
Patricia Ann Wentzel [McElheny]        
Ewald August Werner   email   view news
Susan Joan Wickersham        
Barbara A. Wilcox [Gentry]     12/31/1999  
John Laurence Wilkinson        
Suzanne Lynn Wolf        
Jane Charlotte Wollaston     09/10/1996  
Corrine Darsel Woods        
Janet Sue Wootten        
Candace Eugenia Young [Malchione]        
David Zunino        

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