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List of Classmates (188 total; 33 can be contacted; 36 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
James Robert Aiken   email    
Diana Louise Anderson     09/29/1973  
Richard Carmen Angelucci        
Jeffrey Michael Applegate        
Timothy Hughes Arnold        
Joseph Stevenson Askew     01/26/2017  
Michael Joseph Baker     04/24/2013  
Geneva Louise Barker [Jumper]        
Joseph Gawthrop Barrett        
George Franklin Barrow, Jr.        
David Clarence Becker   email,facebook   view news
Hugh Paul Bender     08/29/1996  
Rosemary Ann Bertogli [Fulton]   email,facebook    
John Albert Beutler, III        
Carol Ann Bonifacino [Chandler]        
Larry Alan Boyer   email   view news
Susan Elizabeth Breen [Bailey]     10/03/2019  
James Anthony Brewer        
Joyce Madeline Brison [Bladen]        
Paul Brown x   06/30/1974  
Robert Bruce Burnett, Jr.        
Allen Duane Canipe     05/11/2014  
Diana Elaine Canipe        
Amelia Grace Caputo [Piperis]   email    
Carol Jean Carey        
Colby Lance Casey     11/13/2015  
Sally Reeve Chardavoyne [Coonin]   email    
Frederick Joseph Christie        
Dominick Anthony Cocciolone, Jr.        
Linda Lee Collier        
Kay Lynn Cooper        
James Anthony Cordivano        
Linda Marie Cox [Starr]        
Anne Elizabeth Curtin [Weeks]        
Jane Ellen Cutaiar        
Mark Alan Dalton        
Justin James D'Antonio   email    
Elwood David Darone     04/27/2016  
Rita Marie Davis [Hughes]        
Linda Kay Dent [Yohn]        
Robert Edwin DePuy, Jr.     09/19/1970  
Deborah Sue Dewey [King]   email    
Donna Marie DiBenedetto [Ferroni]        
Harold Oscar Dickinson, Jr.        
James Peter DiGuiseppe     01/12/2006  
Anthony John DiJoseph     07/31/2007  
Brenda Kay Dilley [Cox]        
Genevieve Agnes Dilley [Thomas]        
Joseph James DiNorscia        
Carolyn Angela D'Orazio [Zeigler]        
Helen Louise Dorsey        
Frances Belle Dowell [Ulkloss]     04/07/2011  
Arthur Eugene Dunfee, Jr.     07/26/2019  
William Glenn Dunn        
Raymond Mark Factor        
Lucy Theresa Fiore        
Mary Joan Ford        
Andrew John Froning   email    
Donald Thomas Fulton        
Diana Marie Fuski [Federico]        
Jack Merrill Geist     09/02/2000  
William Toy George, Jr.        
Barbara Germond [Farishian]        
Sheryl Lynne Goodman [Mattson]        
Gary Len Gouge        
Dana Clinton Graves     10/29/1984  
Ellis Clark Gregg        
Steven Herbert Guest        
Edward Thomas Hannum   email    
Barbara Jean Hartman [Troutman]        
Patricia Gwendolyn Hawkins [Crampton]        
Wayne Steven Hazzard   email    
George Rufus Hedrick        
Clifford Peter Hemphill     06/08/2017  
Mary Louise Henderson [Froschauer]     03/26/1989  
Barbara Lynn Hickman [Carozzo]   email,facebook    
Robert Lewis Hollars        
Michael Lynn Holliday     01/1984  
Marie Alice Hollingsworth [Scrivana]   facebook    
Merrill Allen Hollingsworth        
Carol Lou Hollywood [Alexander]   facebook    
Brenda Sue Holman [Myers]   facebook    
Theresa Evelyn Holman [Johnson]   facebook    
Christine Marie Hopkins [Rizzotte]   facebook    
Gary Eugene Hostetler        
Norman Merle Hostetler, Jr.        
Eileen Roberta Jasienski [Schiappa]        
Gregory Lee Johnson     04/18/1986  
Sharon Kay Johnson [Cornett] x   11/08/1968  
Rae Irene Kanofsky [Mintz]   facebook    
Nancy Jean Kee        
Theodore Randolph Kennedy        
Philip Austin Lafferty        
Jane Elizabeth Larson [Alder]   email,facebook    
Susan Gayle Lenhart        
Susan Pauline Leo [German]     09/17/2014  
Allen Wadford Lewis     08/09/1988  
Cornelius Randolph Lipka, Jr.        
Jimmie Stephen Little   email    
Thomas Stephen Little        
Diane Marie London [Robbins]        
Donna Mary Longenecker [DiUbaldo]        
Wilma Irene Lovisa [Illgas]        
Diana Marie Lunatici [Turner]        
John Joseph Lynch     09/26/2017  
Kathleen Ann MacDonald        
Michelene Ann Madonna        
Robert Gibson Mair        
John Anthony Malchione        
John William Manfredi        
Richard Samuel Marine        
Jacqueline Charlotte Martin        
Patricia Rose Mattoscio        
Harold David McCoy        
Benson Allen McKee        
Thomas Michael McLaughlin        
David Bowers Messinger     09/08/2004  
Thomas Allan Minshall        
Paul Moran        
Ronald Joseph More     11/12/1999  
Robert Duncan Morse        
Eleanor Louise Mullen [Marine]        
Linda Marie Oldaker [Sampson]   facebook    
Dennis Alan Osborne     01/01/2021  
John Marvin Osborne     08/23/1996  
Patricia Lee Perigo [Testa]   facebook    
Barbara Joan Petrucci [Oliphant]   facebook    
John Robert Phillips        
Barbara Mae Phipps [Potter]   email    
Mary Elizabeth Polen [Balogh]        
Angela Marie Pratola [Mattoscio]        
Patricia Ann Pratt [Bohnert]        
Jerry Lee Price        
Robert Francis Prior        
Stella Louise Pugh [Guest]   email    
William James Reinbold        
Barbara Christine Ringier [Nead]        
Kenneth Jonathan Roberts        
Helena Rosemary Robinson        
Linda Ann Russell [Mosemann]        
Margaret Elizabeth Rzucidlo        
Nora Nicole Sadler        
Richard Scott Sailer     03/30/2004  
Arthur Charles Santora, II        
Steven Joseph Santucci        
Richard Arnold Saverioni   email    
James Edward Sharpless        
Clarence Gerald Sheets     07/02/2019  
Angelo Manuel Silva, Jr.        
James Craig McComb Sinclair        
Barry Laxton Smith        
Susan Ella Smith [Froning]   facebook    
William Raymond Smith        
Shirley Anita Smith        
Linda Carol Spencer [Sheppheard] x email    
Leon Ross Spencer, Jr.   email    
Linda Joyce Stanley [Smith]        
John Wade Stansberry        
Thomas Nelson Stevens        
Donald Gregory Swayne        
Patricia Ann Swift        
Dominic Harry Tavoni, III        
Harry Michael Testa     09/03/2011  
Linda Louise Testa        
Kenneth W. Thomas x   02/20/1981  
Amy Richards Thompson   facebook    
Mark Duane Thompson        
Sharon Patricia Tice [Smith]        
Diane Louise Tinder [Lafferty]        
Joseph Toto     02/03/2015  
Maria Grace Toto [Drumheller]        
Jane Ann Ulkloss [Kulp]     04/16/2005  
Judith Arlene Underwood [Lichtenwalner]        
Paul Thomas Vanore        
Thomas Franklin Volk        
John Stephen Voytilla        
Larry Fred Walsh   facebook    
Cheryl Allyson Ward        
Mary Wade Warner [Gilbert]        
Norris Nathaniel Watson     06/28/1990  
Mark Douglas Wells     10/17/2015  
William Paul Wickersham   email    
Phyllis A. Wilcox [Losito] x      
Charla H. Winters [Watson]        
Donna Virginia Wolf [Capitao]   email    
Martha Jane Wollaston [Johnson]        
Benjamin Jay Wood        
Warren Ridge Yarnall, Jr. x      

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