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List of Classmates (125 total; 17 can be contacted; 37 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Lewis Edward Arnold     12/02/2016  
Mark L. Arnold     02/14/1979  
Harvey E. Atkinson, III   email   view news
John Lawrence Bailey     06/25/1990  
John James Barker     11/06/2016  
Anna Lee Barlow        
Ronnie L. Barnett        
Lawrence Allen Barwell        
Jane Louise Bellis [Heintzelman]        
Anne Mercer Bernard [Roberts]     01/12/1988  
Beth Bernard [Phillips] x      
Elaine Violet Biondi [Baccino]     06/23/2017  
Robert J. Bozzone        
Maria Theresa Bridy        
Jane Ann Brower [Nickle]        
Berta Brown [Rains] t email,facebook    
Ida Elizabeth Brown [Williams]        
Ann McLellan Chisholm [Fuller]        
Constance Ann Christie [Lewis]        
Lillian Campbell [Walsh] x   03/19/1997  
Edward T. Collins, III        
Wanda Pearl Comer [Barwell]        
Diana Lee Cordivano [Weaver]     05/07/2014  
Joseph Millard Cornette     11/17/2015  
William Joseph Cross   email    
Kenneth Charles Curtin     09/15/2003  
Richard Allen Dampman        
Doris Davis [Howell] x      
Suzanne Mary DesMarais [Cox]     05/05/1999  
Carol Daun DiAngelis [Minch]        
Robert E. DiFilippo x   09/07/1995  
Dannette Dougherty [Pusey]        
Percy H. Dougherty, Jr.        
Bernard W. Ehrhart     11/10/2015  
Ted Miller Eller x   08/24/2009  
Wanza Ellowease Eller [McMillan]   email    
Nancy Carol Emerson [Simon]        
Evan T. Ericksen        
Linda Dare Fabiucci [Thompson]        
Frank N. Felicetti        
Robert Mason Ferrier, Jr.        
Roland Richard Fiore        
Sylvia Mae Fogg [Gibbs]   email    
Junko Fujita [Ishida]        
Margaret Gallo [Paoli]        
Suzanne Myrle Gates [Hornberger]   email    
Walter M. Giancola        
John Robert Glaze     07/25/2018  
Elwood Richardson Green, III     01/10/2016  
Mary Alice Griffith [Melton]   facebook    
Patricia Ann Groves [Pierson]        
Fred Guiliano     10/05/2016  
Jerry A. Hanks t email   view news
Susan Haught [Parker]        
Lawrence Theodore Hazzard x   09/30/2004  
William R. Hazzard, III        
Dorothy Alberta Hendrickson [McMillan]        
Charles Dexter Hollingsworth        
Betty Hollywood [Hazell] x      
Kenneth Leroy Holsinger   facebook 08/03/2020 view news
Constance Louise Ingram [Thomson Barnes]   email    
George E. Irwin, III     08/03/1972  
Richard Charles James        
Caroline Stewart Johnson [Antonuccio]        
Margaret Dolores LaCorte [Pulgini]        
Sandra J. Lawrence [Kavanagh]        
Joseph Robert Leto     12/11/2016  
Robert Ernest Lewis t      
Joanne Valadia Mackereth [Ronemus]        
Fiona MacLeod [Wynn] x      
Rudolph Madonna x      
Joyce Jacqueline Malone [Stevens]        
Elza Maraldo [Dampman]        
John J. Marenco     08/10/1994  
David Clinton Mayo        
Michael Joseph McGovern     01/26/1978  
Betsy Meadowcroft [Gunkle] t   08/27/1972  
Lavinia Meinzer [Wingert]   email    
Robert E. Messick, Jr. x      
Ann Elizabeth Millard [Osborne]        
Ann Elizabeth Miller [McDonough]        
Annette Marie Miller [Pennington]   email    
Craig Everitt Miller   email    
Marsha McGregor Miller [Wells]     06/27/1997  
Catherine Eugene Norton [Walker Jones]     10/13/2019  
Shirley Mae Odum [Cornett]        
Carl Bradford Olson     11/13/2015  
Lynn Mary Olson [Wilson]        
Carole Ann Pannell [Swartz]     01/28/2003  
William Ellsworth Parsons, Jr. x   07/28/2017  
Ephraim R. Pennington, Jr. x   08/01/2020  
Joseph Harold Pennington     12/04/1986  
William F. Pierson        
Janet Arlene Potter [Phipps]        
Barbara Lou Powell [Heald]        
Gary E. Price        
David Reese     02/11/2014  
Peter L. Rizzotte        
Phillip H. Saienni        
Stephen Arthur Sayer t email    
Richard David Scheer, Jr.   email    
James Fred Scott        
Gilbert Andrew Sharp, Jr.        
Frederick Klair Sinclair, Jr.     05/02/2008  
Jill Austin Smith [McDonald]        
Ruth Ann Snowden [Crampton]     04/15/2018  
Margaret Louise Snyder [Miller]        
Mary Anna Kemble Steele [Reimann]        
Clarence Ernest Stevens, Jr.   facebook    
Carolyn Stewart        
Claudia Elizabeth Thomas [Clayton]        
Pauletta Vanore [Pennington]        
Janis Ann Walker     08/09/2016  
James Owens Walls x      
Robert Wayne Wandel, Jr.   email    
Patricia Louise Warfel [Hoffecker]        
James R. Weaver x   08/22/2015  
Donald Brown Webster     10/05/2006  
Nelle Gay Wilson [Greer]        
Stacy Wilson        
Ruth Winters [DiSerafino] x      
Joseph Murray Wittig        
Martha Anne Wood [Bowlsbey]        
Roberta Jean Work [Vahey]   email    
John Adam Zapp, III        

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