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List of Classmates (135 total; 18 can be contacted; 59 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Gerard Joseph Albert        
Cyrena Altizer [Seiple] x   08/29/2012  
Lucy Agnes Altizer [Reeves]   facebook    
David Warren Amerman        
Carolyn Frances Baccino [Bowman]        
Denis Ann Barr [Pannell]        
Ralph Emerson Becker, Jr.     05/20/2019  
Barbara A. Bemis [Davis] x   09/27/2010  
Charles Bernard x      
Robert James Bertrando   email    
John P. Biondi d   08/28/1958  
David Trumbull Blake   facebook    
Charles Bradley Blevins     09/25/2011  
Oscar R. Boddy, Jr.     07/14/2017  
James T. Bonsall x      
Susan Ruth Boughton [Custer]     11/26/1986  
Jon Frederick Boyer     01/06/2009  
Richard Hugo Bozzone   email,facebook    
Alice Breeding [Caputo] x      
Patricia Ann Brock x   04/24/2013  
James Brown x      
Nancy Lee Brown [Abramson]   email    
Samuel Eugene Caldwell   email    
Theodore B. Caldwell x   07/10/2019  
Mary Frances Calhoun [Rush]        
Eva May Campbell [Lake]     07/03/2016  
Judy Louise Carlin [Hendrickson]        
Edna Mae Carson     09/19/1990  
Judith Ann Chandler [Paisley]     05/09/2018  
Patricia Jean Christie [Powell]        
Vivian Blanche Cook [Miller]   email    
Bernard Joseph Cordivano        
Patricia Gail Cox [Gates]     04/30/2009  
Richard David Cramer        
Raymond S. Crossan x      
Anthony Joseph D'Antonio     03/29/1962  
Jean Davis [Thomson] x      
Donald Thresher Dockstader        
Paula Agnes Donahoe [Briggs]        
James Burns Drummond     07/09/1979  
Lydia Ann Eastburn        
Paskel H. Eller     11/05/2018  
Arlene Joyce Ellsworth [Tucker Skelton] x   05/19/2017  
Susan Coleen Fassett [Woodward]   email    
Henry B. Fisher x   05/05/2017  
Michael Joseph Froning     05/01/2013  
Clara Gift x   04/07/1977  
George G. Gift x   12/13/1996  
Sarah Elizabeth Groff [Groff] x   03/09/2021  
Robert Ivan Hall        
John Hanks x      
Virginia Romaine Harkins     02/02/2020  
Richard Bruce Hawkins     12/29/2016  
Lee Haupt t      
Samuel Reynolds Hendrickson     09/09/2016  
Irene Marie Hollywood   email    
Susan Chang Hum        
John D. Hurley x   08/16/1986  
John Lincoln Jones t   02/19/2013  
Ralph E. Keesey x   04/23/2021  
Patricia Flanders Kraus [Holt]   email    
Joseph Vincent LaFrance w   03/24/2012  
Josephine Margret LaFrance [Fragale] x      
Peter Carol LaFrance x   07/13/1989  
Edward Lake x      
Phoebe Larmore t      
Johanna A. Leto [DiCecco]        
Nancy Rose Lewis [Barton Moore]        
Donald Cooley Love     10/22/2009  
James Malcolm Mackereth        
Mary Ann Madonna [Bartoli]        
Patty Jo Mahaffey [Woodard]     06/19/1976  
Santina Marie Rita Manfredini [Pizzini]   email,facebook    
Fred J. Marenco, Jr.        
Linwood D. Martin, Jr.        
Barbara Ann Mason [Frezzo]   email    
Howard E. May x   09/11/2009  
Elaine Jeannette Mayo [Carter]        
Joan M. McKee [Caputo]     04/11/1983  
Thomas Edward McLaughlin x   06/19/2018  
Lamont V. McMullin        
Adelaide May McNamee [Essick]        
James Needham John Meadowcroft, IV     07/23/1980  
George Lester Melton x   08/05/2017  
Lois Jean Miller [Yeager]     10/29/1999  
Robert E. Nead        
William Ludwig Norris     11/23/2004  
Helen Louise Norton [Reeves]        
Antone Joseph Ortaldo     07/01/2002  
Max Garland Pennington        
Dorothy Joan Peters [Ortaldo]   email    
James Raymond Pierson, Jr.   email    
Walter Ferrell Pierson     11/11/1997  
Frances Jane Powers [Farmer]     01/02/2021  
Barbara Pyle [Strobel]        
Mary Frances Pyle [Fertig]     03/05/2020  
Barbara Joan Ravenell [Johsi]        
Malcolm Timothy Rayne     08/07/2018  
Kermit Alvin Reeves     09/24/1977  
Janice Reeves [Baccino]        
Charles David Rex x   06/16/2019  
Mary Riale [Blaine] x      
Marian Lydia Richardson [Akerman]   email    
Beverly Anne Ritter [Bramble]        
Henry Harlan Roberts        
Kenneth S. Roberts        
Sondra Charlmayne Roberts [Waibel]        
Sara Marie Rohr [Cordivano] x      
Katherine Ann Roser     08/14/2007  
Earl Dominic Saienni, Jr.        
Robert Schaefer        
Martha Louise Scott [Miller]        
Joseph Wade Sexton   email    
Richard A. Shar        
Jeffrey David Sharpless     06/06/2005  
John Shaw, Jr. x      
Marilyn Irene Shupe [DiProspero] x      
Jacqueline Estes Smith (Harding) [Blake Van Grofski]     11/24/2019  
Dorothy Snyder [Keesey] x      
John A. Springer, Jr. x      
Barbara Jane Taylor [Pennington]   email    
Shirley Fay Taylor [Hutton]   email    
Kenneth Walter Thomas     03/07/2019  
Helen Joyce Underwood     04/01/2020  
Carol Vanore [Stroud]     08/11/2020  
Anthony Harry Venezia        
Orville Russell Walls, Jr.     09/06/2017  
Addie Louise Watson [Hurley] x   02/26/2004  
Lois Marie Weer [Broomell]   facebook 02/22/2020  
Phyllis Arlene Wells [Bean]        
Lillian Woods [Bucci King] x   03/13/2018  
Bette Doreen Woodward [Sonchen Conard]        
M. Janice Woodward [Good]        
Celia Jane Wooten [Boudwin] x   02/02/2012  
Jane Worrall [McCallister] x   04/16/2005  

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