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List of Classmates (109 total; 17 can be contacted; 42 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Marcella Mae Abbondi [Morris]        
Marie Antoinette Auriti [Haynes]        
Paul Joseph Baccino        
Donald Paul Bachtle x   10/16/2004  
Mary V. Bagnato [Ianni]        
Audrey Bernice Bailey [Akerman]     11/05/2004  
Mary Baily [Jordan] x      
Joseph Robert Balthis        
Antoinette Marie Barone [Pennington]     06/20/2017  
Concetta Ida Bartoli [DelPizzo]        
Michale Ann Barwell [Johnson]     05/01/2020  
Peter William Bazzano     05/02/1965  
Jacques Yves Blanchet        
Helen Louise Blevins [Anderson] x      
Hugh Barton Bolen        
Ronald Richard Bowman        
Arthur Franklin Boyd, Jr. x      
Arzella Brewer [Mast]        
Betsy Van Horn Brown [Vicinanza]   send letter,facebook    
Madeline Helen Caldwell [Snyder]        
Ronald V. Caputo   send letter    
Thomas Alan Carey        
Marie Antoinette Carlino [Papa]   facebook    
James Lenard Christie     06/14/1995  
John James Ciavatta        
Josephine Theresa Ciprietti [DiFrancesco]     07/02/2011  
Edwin Jackson Cook, Jr.        
Patricia Ann Cordivano [Dunn]   email    
Anita Ann Crosson [Merson]   email    
Patricia Crosson [Martin] x      
Barbara Jean Cupeto [Hampton]     09/11/2009  
Mary Ann Dolores D'Antonio [Benko]        
Mary Jean Darnell [Denny]        
Stanley Fredricks DesMarais     08/06/2012  
Helen Margaret Detwiler [Gam]        
Francis Raymond DiBenedetto, Jr.        
Eugene V. DiJoseph, Jr. x   01/17/2001  
Patricia E. DiJoseph [Vanderkraats]   email    
Robert Joseph Dilley     11/08/2008  
Patricia Anne Ebbecke [Reitmeyer]        
Suzanne E. Everett [Marks]   send letter,facebook    
Virginia Ann Fabiucci [Forenski]        
Gail Farren     10/03/2011  
Carol Bernardine Fiore [Blevins]        
Anthony A. Fuski     11/29/1995  
Rowland Clegg Gersen, Jr.        
Wallace Harold Graybeal     09/23/1995  
William Franklin Harkins x   02/13/2017  
John William Hawkins     11/13/2011  
Barbara Ann Henderson [Harkins]        
Loretta Jo Howard [Woodard]     02/01/2019  
Sarah Jane Johnson [Pray]        
Francis D. Johnston     10/27/2016  
Patricia Ann Kelleher        
Marcia Wylie Kinsey [Meadowcroft]        
Rolf Neustadter LaMar        
Elinor Elaine Lewis [Branch]     08/1976  
Constance Ann Ludwig [Taylor]   facebook    
Martha Adelaide Mackereth        
Michael Olean Madonna        
Reba Ann Mahaffey [Owen]     05/15/1978  
Albert Mancino x      
Rocco L. Manfredi, Jr.        
Antoinette Mary Marson [Pesce]        
Joseph Richard Mason        
Thomas Leslie Mayo     05/30/2021  
Mary Jane McKee [Schoch]        
Wallace Paul McLaughlin, Jr.     10/26/2003  
Claude Swanson McMillan   facebook    
Jane Allen McOmber [Tomaszewski]     09/17/1993  
John Robert Moore     08/21/2001  
Patricia Ann Nilan [Konitzer]     11/04/2020  
James J. Osborne        
Lorraine Bernice Pannell [Meadon]        
Joanne Phipps [Stewart]     07/23/2015  
Mary Ella Pierce [Mullin]   email    
Lucio Renato Pizzini     04/22/2005  
Harvey Gerald Polen        
Barbara Diane Pope [Wolf]   email    
Caroline Joyce Powers [Hillmann]   email    
George Arland Probst x   09/07/2008  
Mary Lillian Pugh [Judd]        
Shirley Ann Pyle [Fair] x   08/05/2013  
William Henry Radebaugh, Jr.     10/23/1972  
Rosemarie Loretta Ranalli [Ferranto]     09/15/2016  
Bruce Alexander Robinson   email    
Mary Shar [Probst McCartney] x      
Ronald John Smith     06/25/1993  
Janet Naomi Stanley [Banker]     05/21/1990  
Richard Edward Stuhlmuller        
Barbara Ruth Swayne [Hickey]        
Joanne Taylor [Taylor]   email    
Patricia Ann Thayer [Cash]        
Elwanda Thomas [Porter] x      
Roger T. Underwood     11/23/1997  
Carol Anne Voytilla [Warner]   email    
Harold Lane Wagner     03/04/2017  
John Henry Weaver     07/02/2006  
Viktor Michael Weinmayr     12/17/2012  
Maurice Richard Wells x   01/20/2016  
Ruth Colleen Welsh [Donohoe]     05/27/2004  
Laura Eleanor Wentzel [Harrison]        
John Jackson Woodward, Jr.     11/01/2014  
Nancy Arlene Work [Bonsall]   email    
Ruth Marie Wyatt [Gentry]        
Pennock John Yeatman, III   email    
Patricia Doris Zapp [Arnott]        
Robert Harvey Zell     07/06/2002  
Theresa Marie Zunino [Waller]     03/14/2021  

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