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List of Classmates (112 total; 16 can be contacted; 46 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
William H. Akerman   email    
William E. Allaband        
Wells Eugene Anderson        
Betty Jo Atkins [Allen]     10/03/2019  
Edward Robert Bacchetta     10/04/2004  
Arlene Marie Baccino [Kelly]        
Nancy Louise Baccino [Mason]        
James Roy Badger     08/08/2017  
James Oliver Barrett x   07/02/2004  
Robert W. Bartoli        
Nicholas E. Basilio        
Margaret M. Beck [Day]        
William Edward Bertrando        
Edwin Lee Blevins     12/08/2020  
Sandra Briggs [Hayward]        
Doris Elaine Briley [Durand]        
Alice Virginia Brittingham [Pauley]        
Lawrence Edward Brock, Jr.        
Barbara Ann Burke [DiFilippo]     11/29/2016  
Karen Elaine Campbell [Hauslein]   facebook    
George H. Cleaves        
Margaret Louise Cloud [Killheffer Wallner]     09/08/2015  
Joyce Ann Collier [Hall]     05/27/2006  
Francis J. Cordivano     01/19/1988  
Marie Cordivano [Voytilla] x      
Mary A. Cozanitis [Bosworth]     04/30/2020  
Charles Augustus Cupeto x      
Donald Charles Davenport   email    
Rose Marie Frances DeFazio [Gallo]        
Mary Arlene Desper [Green]     08/27/2010  
Louis Raymond Destafney        
Elizabeth Ann DiFilippo [McDonaugh]     07/15/1989  
Rosalie Anne DiMedio [Lovell]        
D. Doris DiProspero [Minniti]        
Margaret Helen DiProspero     05/27/1958  
Marie Carolyn DiProspero [Marcozzi]        
Gloria Ann DiStefano [Phillippi Keiper]     07/20/2020  
Rita Louise Donohoe [Pannell]     08/10/2009  
Michael Nicholas D'Orazio        
Robert Cecil Driver x   10/15/2020  
Janet Elizabeth Farquhar [Smith]        
Doranne C. Fassett [Easler]   email    
Petronilla Carmella Fazio [Petroll]        
Beverly Anne Field [McLennan]   email    
Donald Lee Fox        
Judith A. Gallagher [Greeley]   email    
William Andrews Gates     12/13/2010  
Esther Marie George [Miller]        
Connie Lou Glasco [Atley]     09/06/2020  
Hazel Elaine Gordon [Soltis]     10/26/1997  
M. Evelyn Graybeal [Harper]        
Mable Mae Gregg [Miller]        
Florence Patricia Hamilton [Rybinski]     06/02/2015  
Irene Elizabeth Hamm [Beyer]     04/27/2012  
William A. Hayward     08/17/2005  
Alfred Hicks        
Grace Rita Ianni [Ciaffoni]   facebook    
James R. Ironside        
John Mercer Jeffries     03/01/2012  
Laura Judith Jenkins [Porter]     11/21/2013  
Audrey Jane Johnson [Egeressy]     01/16/2004  
Marilyn Anne Jones [Hertler]        
Martha Emma Keebler [Dunn]        
Raymond Irvin Lee     10/10/2007  
Norman Alton Lockman     04/18/2005  
Mary P. Mackereth     09/16/1996  
Mary Rose Elizabeth Mancino [Crossan]        
Jo Ann Mason     12/26/2013  
Lillian V. Mayo [Crampton]        
Francis Ronald McDonough     12/23/2014  
Patricia Ann McFadden [Strickland]        
Joan Marie McGinley [Osborne]        
Elizabeth Anne McGovern     07/14/2000  
John D. McLaughlin, Jr.     01/17/2015  
Frederick Nelson McMillan     11/22/1988  
Mildred Mendenhall [Dugan]        
Max Carlton Miller   email    
Richard Brinton Miller     02/10/2012  
Joanne A. Moore [Miller]   email    
Patricia Anne Morrison [Davis]     01/01/2017  
Nicholas R. Odorisio        
Lucille Odum [Miller Rosado] x   08/04/2014  
Carole Jean Ott [Harman]   email    
Howard L. Paisley        
Ralph B. Paisley   email    
Lillian Jane Pannell [Mayo]        
Richard A. Peacock        
Vance B. Pennington   email    
Winola Pennington [Neaves]   email    
E. Victor Pesce     11/11/2014  
Mary Ann Phillippi [Thomas]        
Donald Nute Pierce     03/15/2003  
Catherine Michealenne Podmenik [Shoop]        
Earl J. Price        
Grace M. Rao [Sanford]        
Katharine Dare Rayne [Gregory]     08/06/2019  
Sara Mae Scott [Needham]        
Gerald R. Shank   email    
Grace Loretta Shaw [Parrish]   send letter    
Herbert P. Skelton, Jr.     03/01/1983  
Kenneth Hughes Skelton        
Robert John Snyder        
Frank William Soltis, Jr.     02/05/2012  
Wanda Lee Stamper [Edmondson]     09/23/1995  
Francis William Taylor, Jr.   email    
Ronald Theodore Tice     05/08/1994  
Mary Elizabeth Toto [Jarrell]        
John W. Tucker x   09/04/1983  
Joseph John Venito     06/23/1997  
Carolyn Ann Wagner [Poe MacPherson Ferry]     06/17/2020  
James Wilbur Watson        
Thelma Ruth Weidner [Tingley]        

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