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List of Classmates (120 total; 11 can be contacted; 56 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
James Wilson Akerman     06/27/1991  
Frank A. Baccino     01/13/1988  
Robert Randolph Bahel     07/02/2019  
Mary Ella Becker [Loucks]        
Clarine Lillian Blackburn [Marshall] x facebook    
Rene Jean Pierre Blanchet        
Richard E. Bonsall x   01/04/2001  
Margaret L. Boyd [Kauffman]     01/18/2019  
John Franklin Brackin     06/24/2010  
Ruby Colean Brewer [Willis]        
Richard H. Broems x      
James Walker Brown, Jr.     11/20/2011  
Nancy Lou Buckley [Dugan]     06/04/2020  
Robert A. Burton   send letter    
Joanne Elizabeth Camorano [Catalino]   facebook    
Rosemarie Carosi [McNair]        
Marguerite Catherine Chiabrera [Mastrippolito]   email    
Phyllis Alma Christie [McCoy] x   07/14/1991  
Nona Irene Churchman [Balback]        
Arthur Horton Cleveland, III        
Horace Pennell Cloud        
Vincent Robert Coletta        
Laura Conner [McClure]     11/14/2005  
Eleas A. Cozanitis x   04/07/2013  
Arnetta Evaline Curry [Imes]        
John Joseph Curtin     08/30/2020  
Donna L. Dadley [Park]        
Milton Douglas DeBuhr        
Dorothy Ann DeProspero [Moore] x   03/29/2008  
Clara Marie DiAndrea [Dunlap]   send letter    
Jeanette Catherine DiProspero [Nigro]        
Anthony Joseph Donofrio        
Rose Marie Dorazio [Amalfitano]     10/03/1998  
Margaret Ethel Douglas [Jarmon]        
Marilyn Ann Douglass [Steward] x   03/06/2018  
Christine Edmiston [Balew]        
Charles Ronald Eick     01/23/2002  
Harold Lane Fenner   email    
Harry Richard Fisher     06/26/2020  
James Anthony Gallo     03/04/2005  
Ruth M. Gamble [Trincia]        
Phyllis Jean Gentry [Stiles]        
Mildred Gouge [Alfree] x      
Robert Hammond Griffith     12/20/2011  
Harry James Hallman     09/05/2009  
Jean Veronica Harris [Borrell Murtaugh]     03/27/2004  
Raymond Larry Herman     06/24/1955  
Dorothy Louise Hickey [DeCino]        
Roslyn Barbara Hilton [Mayo]     11/07/2019  
Norman Thomas Himmelein     10/20/2010  
Philip S. Hoffman     01/26/1987  
Robert Ives Hoffman        
James Van Dyke Jamison   email   view news
Jean Elizabeth Keesey        
Richard Wayne Kelly        
Ira E. Kilmon, III     02/21/2009  
John Hammitt Lacher     07/24/2019  
Hugh Lawrence Lafferty III x   08/10/2020  
Shirley Lam [Webb] x   03/04/2014  
Marlin Earl Lawrence     01/15/1996  
Charles Richard Lee     06/16/2011  
Florence E. Levenite [King]        
Dorothy Lockman [Burrell] x   12/31/2003  
Joan Ludwig [Stadelman-Walker] x      
John Francis Ludwig x   11/09/2016  
Josephine Simpson Ludwig [Justis]     08/03/2006  
Evelyn Joanne Mackie [Nilan]   email    
Rose Ann May [Massey]        
Donald Edgar Mayo        
Charles V. Mercer        
Eileen Miller [Jones Smith] x   12/18/2019  
Barbara Jane Montgomery [Krady]        
Paul Joseph Myers   send letter    
Vernon Larry Nead        
James Albert Nilan, Jr.     04/01/2017  
Sally Ann Pannell [Stier]        
Robert Lawrence Parrett     09/19/2007  
Marijane F. Parrish        
Victor Gabriel Pedicone     07/11/2007  
Betty Lou Pennington [Griffith]        
Mary Frances Pesce [Carlino]     04/02/2020  
Benvenuto P. Pizzini     01/21/2021  
Leonello L. Pizzini   email    
Mary Louise Porter [Cummings]     09/22/2010  
Eugene E. Powers     08/06/1998  
Emmelyn E. Ratchford [Nead]        
Patricia Anne Reynolds [Press]        
Ruth N. Ridgway [Snyder]        
Shelley Roberts [Taylor Jones] x   01/07/2021  
Robert Thomas Rohr        
Linda Mary Ruggieri [Johnson]        
Timothy Walter Schoch     02/28/2000  
Charles Richard Scott     02/01/1997  
Theodore G. Seel        
Janice F. Seldomridge [Knott-Leibow]     04/15/2016  
Joan Louise Shank [Simmers]   send letter    
Thomas H. Smith     05/04/1998  
Thelma Jean Stamper [Jones]        
Sarah Straughn        
Edna May Stuart [Nather]        
Elizabeth Joan Sweede [Cloud]     07/11/2014  
Catherine N. Talley [Mercer]        
Sara Elizabeth Talley [Connor]        
Ruth Feary Taylor     01/23/2007  
Louis Joseph Testa        
Eleanor Jenny Teti [Peacock]     05/19/2002  
Kenneth Stephen Thompson     04/26/2004  
Orville Wayne Tillman        
Catherine Evelyn Twaddell [D'Amico]     09/16/2020  
Constance Louise Underwood [Riggins]     04/02/1986  
Paul Joseph Underwood, Jr.     03/19/1992  
James Finley Voytilla        
Shirley Walton [Knight] x      
Equilla Catherine Watson [Boyce]        
Leora Mae Watson [Heard]     11/26/2013  
Dorothy Weeks [Miller] x   05/23/2003  
Frances Lena Weinmayr [Zaloski]        
Shirley F. Wooten [Griffin]        
Constance Louise Work [Miller]        
Anne Meigs Young [Snodgrass]        

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