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List of Classmates (131 total; 30 can be contacted; 58 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Myrtle Anna Allaband [McLaren]     12/30/2006  
James L. Anderson x      
Edria Elaine Antes [Byler]        
Lorraine Marie Baccino [Teel]     06/06/1998  
Shirley Ann Bahel [Brittingham Decker]     06/15/2020  
Kenneth E. Barber     09/27/2016  
Grace Eleanore Banta [Yeatman]        
Chester T. Bartoli, Jr.     10/27/2019  
Nancy Louise Berndt [Scribner]   facebook    
Joanne Bonsall [Cox] x   02/11/2017  
Esther Geraldine Bostic [Lemite]     07/19/2020  
Mary Elizabeth Brinton [Palmer]        
Hilborn Augustus Brittingham, Jr. x   08/31/2003  
William George Brittingham     06/01/2006  
Edith Wynona Burrell [Hilton]     03/04/2021  
Donald Severio Carlino x   09/19/2004  
Barbara Elizabeth Churchman [Haupt]   email    
Grace Marie Cioti [Picciotti]     07/25/1975  
Veronica Ann Collins        
Virginia Mae Cook [Robinson]     07/02/2014  
John Joseph Cordivano        
Joanne Cox [Dickens] x      
Georgeanna V. Dougherty [Campbell] x   09/11/1975  
William Joseph Deckman     05/14/2020  
Nancy Louise DiFilippo [Kimble]     12/19/2014  
Richard Gerald D'Onofrio     01/14/2006  
James L. Donohoe     04/11/2010  
Granville R. Douglass x      
Joseph Albert Driver, Jr.     11/30/1998  
Carolyn Marie Eachus [Jennings]        
Harmon Paul Eller x   10/27/2020  
Rosalind Marie Everley [Giancola]   email    
Don Rex Farmer   email    
John Franklin Farquhar   email    
Joseph William Farr, Jr.     11/22/2020  
Robert Andrew Ferranto        
Rosemary J. Furia [Teel]   email    
Jane Brinton Gersen [Gilchrist]     05/26/2010  
Gloria Carol Gordon [Shaffer]     07/03/1997  
Patricia Anne Griffith [Brittingham]        
Russell Alvin Hands        
Eva May Harkins [Campbell]     03/08/2005  
Carus D. Haupt   email    
Howard H. Hendrickson        
Susie J. Henry [Watson]        
Joan Louise Hollingsworth [Ryan]   send letter    
Edward L. Howard   send letter    
Jo-Anne Hutz [Carroll]     11/21/2017  
James Lawrence Jacox   email    
Greta Arlene Jewett   send letter    
Abraham S. Johnson x   01/15/2001  
Christina Flora Johnson [Russell]        
Donald Charles Johnson u   04/25/2005  
Robin Ann Johnson [Marshall]        
William R. Johnson x      
Dennis Francis Kelleher        
Harry Kevis, Jr.     07/14/1971  
Theodore F. Killheffer, Jr.   email    
Thomas Williamson Kinsey, Jr.     12/13/1980  
Peter V. Leo x   07/04/1990  
Patricia Lurty [Ruggieri] x   03/27/2013  
Daniel M. Madonna        
Marie Theresa Marenco [Abernethy]   email,facebook    
Robert Eugene Mason     11/23/2016  
Hugo Robert Maucher     09/14/2012  
Betty Maxwell [Foster] x   11/19/2012  
James Robert McDonaugh        
Dora Ina McMillan [Walraven]        
Jack Dale Miller     03/27/2020  
Francis Moran x   12/09/1992  
Margaret Anne Nance [Kennedy]     03/23/2018  
Thomas Walter Nilan   send letter    
Christine Bettina Norris [Woods]        
Marvin Gerald Noznesky     02/05/1980  
Joseph Hoyt Nunn        
Mary Edna Odum [Jennings]     12/11/1967  
Joseph Frank Paisley        
Dorothy Helen Pannell [Mehl]   email    
John Paul Pannell     09/22/2019  
David Richard Parrish   send letter    
Myrna Louise Paynter [Fridy]   email    
Mildred Pennington [Bennett] x   02/16/1990  
Robert Joseph Perrone   email    
Shirley Ellen Peters [Kunsch]     05/31/1991  
Shirley Mae Peters [Lawrence]        
Fritz E. Petroll, Jr.        
Charlotte Louise Peirson [Gift] x   06/04/2006  
Mary Elizabeth Presberry [Payne]        
Mavis V. Price [Posey] x      
Richard Probst x   08/04/1970  
Shirley Ann Reed [Day]        
Sandra Lee Richardson [Ford]        
Ralph Willing Ritter, Jr.        
Miriam Ann Rohr [Myers]   email    
Frances M. Ruello [Hopkins]        
Julie Anne Rummelsburg [Brown]     02/17/2018  
John Fred Schoch        
Eva Louise Scott [Walker]        
Theodore H. Scott x email    
Don Dwight Seel     12/12/2019  
Everett Allen Seldomridge        
Dorothy Dolores Shar [Haines]        
Nancy Eileen Sharpless   email    
William Charles Sheridan     11/05/2010  
Lois Snyder [Laughlin] x      
Doris Ella Smith [Gottier]     12/22/2017  
Eleanor Ann Spencer [Paynter]   email    
James Richard Stanton     10/05/2012  
Kay Evelyn Stoops [Leto]   email    
Judith Ann Strahorn [Flanigan]   email    
Rodman W. Stuhlmuller, Jr. t   06/01/1982  
Joanne Sumner [Stowell Silman]     12/08/2002  
Dorothy Gail Taylor [McGovern]   email    
Helen Ann Taylor [Moffett]        
Richard Allen Taylor     09/04/2013  
Richard W. Taylor x      
Carol Jo Thayer [Heald]   email    
Herbert John Toy   email    
Ann Beatrice Tucker [Goss]   send letter    
Logene N. Tucker [Mattson]        
Helen Vattilana [Capodanno] x      
Lucille J. Vincenti [Still]   email    
Shirley Mae Weaver [Altizer]   email,facebook    
Philip Alfred Webber     11/24/2018  
Gerald Thomas Whiteside     07/09/2011  
John Robert Wilson x   02/19/2018  
Charles T. Winchester     06/03/1982  
Thomas Butler Worrall, Jr. x      
Harold Chester Wright        
Richard T. Yeatman t   09/30/2018  
Lena Dorothy Zunino [Lovisa]     07/19/2017  

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