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List of Classmates (91 total; 6 can be contacted; 49 have died)
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
John Marshall Aaron     11/20/2017  
George Edward Adams     09/20/1989  
Sara Thelma Orlean Anderson [Ingram]        
Ernest Edwin Antes     01/01/2006  
Anthony Joseph Bacchetta        
Dorothy Lee Badger [Bove]        
Reba Gay Barker [Reeves]     11/13/1996  
Marlene Eve Bertrando [Miller]     05/18/1995  
Gloria Ellen Bove [Kridler]     02/04/2008  
Peggy Lou Brock     09/02/2005  
Eleanor Creighton Brown     06/15/2010  
Ronald Alva Brown     01/25/2018  
Catherine Rachel Carosi [Crowley]     12/12/2017  
Janice Claire Carter [Barber]        
Nancy Jeanne Chambers [Tucker]     05/20/2011  
George Benjamin Clark     05/10/1999  
Nancy Hope Cochran [Duvall]     04/18/2010  
Richard Warren Collier     05/05/2009  
Wanda Wilkinson Cooper [Kevis]        
Doris Ann Cox        
Despina A. Cozanitis [Zerdes]     03/08/2018  
Linda I. Craig [Keisker]        
Lois Anne Crawford [Barron]        
Anne Thompson Davis [Cannon]        
Mary Della Davis        
Robert Leo Davis x   04/24/2005  
John Robert DiFilippo     11/19/1991  
Erasimo A. DiProspero     01/26/2014  
Alba Rita DiStefano     05/10/2000  
Shirley Esther DiStefano     10/30/1955  
Blanche (Betty) Elizabeth Dougherty [Cerrato]   send letter    
Donald Wayne Dougherty     05/23/1992  
Suzanne Patricia Dowdell [Phillips]        
Caroline Ann Dwyer     04/28/1999  
Ruth Ann Eichelberger     07/27/1993  
John Carl Empie, Jr.     10/29/2018  
Loretta Mae Ferranto [Battaglia]     07/01/2019  
Elvira Ann Fiore [Passmore]        
William Robert Gamble        
Harry Emil Gillespie        
Phyllis Elizabeth Glasco [Harris]     07/08/2001  
Barbara Ann Graybeal     10/14/2012  
Martin Lee Greene        
Nancy Elizabeth Haldeman [Olson]   email    
Dale Warren Hamm     09/28/2007  
Elizabeth Ann Harrison [McKenna]     04/28/2008  
Willie Ruth Harrison        
Bernice Hilton [Barnes]        
Hazel Elizabeth Jenkins [Painter]        
Clementine Kenion [Loper]     10/16/1991  
Ralph Samuel Lam   send letter    
Verron Ray Leftwich     01/05/1973  
Barbara Marie Elizabeth Leo [Morgan]        
Joseph Daniel Leo     05/20/2010  
Rosemarie Leo     01/21/1969  
Charles Bishop Lyman, Jr.     01/23/2000  
Joan Louise Madonna [Cookman]        
Florence Lucy Mancino [Morales]        
John Peterson Marx     06/22/2018  
Ruby Carolyn Maye [Lopatin]        
Betty Louise Miller        
Edith Joan Miller [Fragale]     12/31/2017  
Adrian Russell Morrison, Jr.        
Bernard Joseph McDonough     09/09/1991  
Raymond Daniel McGovern     05/08/2018  
Dorothy Lorene Nance [Jacobs]        
Andrew Phillip Pannell     02/17/2008  
Anthony Michael Pannell     03/31/1975  
Blanche Oma Pennington [Billings Suth]     07/29/2007  
Donald Pusey Phillips        
Anna Rose Pratola [Kelleher]   send letter    
Marie Anita Raimato [McMillen]        
Joseph Anthony Ranalli     06/16/2010  
Charlene Jean Reynolds [Sweede]        
Lois Anne Rohlfing [Sands]     02/12/2016  
Carolyn Ruth Shaefer [Combs]        
Sarah Jane Shipp [Cox]        
Charles William Shuck        
Joan Rosalie Shupe [Bolton]   email    
Robert James Smith        
Joanne Marie Stamper [Cox]     03/20/2012  
Erma Yvonne Stephens [Singer]     07/09/2015  
Teresa Sulpizi        
Guy Truman Sumner     06/16/2002  
Clara Elizabeth Turner [Pfitzenmeyer]        
Mary Lou Vittengl [Coker]        
Charles Wayne Wagner        
Violet Joan Weaver [Hanna]     04/05/2015  
David Vaughan Webber     04/24/2015  
Mary Elizabeth Willis [Dowd]   send letter    
Patsy Louella Wright [Cloud]     09/05/2016  

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