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List of Classmates (91 total; 7 can be contacted; 61 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Clarence Clifford Anderson u   12/22/2019  
Edward Robert Bachtle     10/06/1985  
Betty Sue Badger [Riale Kessler]        
Angeline Rose Bartoli [Grib]        
Emidio J. Basciani, Jr.     07/23/1993  
Dean Carey Belt   email    
Richard F. Bertrando        
Shirley Anne Boggs [Yeatman]     04/23/1969  
James Morris Boswell     05/02/2014  
Ann Marie Bove [Fieni]        
Alida Dagmar Boyles [Brant]     07/02/2018  
Janice Carroll Broems [Bazzano]     10/21/2000  
Frances Lois Broomall [Riale]     03/13/1994  
Lorraine Irene Brower [Dilley Settle]     10/24/2015  
Doris Ann Buffington        
Edwina Marie Carozzo [Leo]        
Camillo A. Catena     10/06/2018  
John D. Cioti w   12/07/1993  
Mary Antoinette Cipolla     06/12/1992  
Janet Elaine Cleaves [Jones]     03/19/1999  
Alma Shirley Walker Collins [Moseley]     06/15/2005  
Gerald Edwin Connor     11/03/1998  
Melvin Ernest Crossan x   07/16/1989  
Anthony Vincent D'Amico     05/12/2020  
Florence Lucille DeFazio [Graham]        
Barbara Johnson Drummond [Giovinco]        
Francis W. Eick x   04/27/2010  
Caroldean Eller [Roark]        
Ralph Waldo Emerson, III     07/10/2016  
Rose Falcone [Vigilante] x   05/05/2010  
Joan Anne Farr [Presta Boles]     02/15/1994  
Nicolina Marie Antoinette Fazio [Wilson]     05/18/2020  
Louis Russel Felicetti     07/05/2018  
Dino Osvaldo Fieni     06/12/2017  
V. Anthony Fieni   send letter    
Robert Eugene Goss     06/24/1982  
George Levis Greene     01/01/1996  
Mary Elizabeth Grubb [Douglas]        
Martha Ann Hannum [Potter]        
Brooke Richard Heckman   email,facebook    
Ronald Wayne Heckman     04/09/2011  
Everett B. Hollingsworth, Jr.     07/11/2014  
Evelyn Jane Ironside [Schopfer]        
Fay Dolores Kenyon [Stafford]     08/16/1991  
Benedict Ralph LaCorte     06/16/2018  
Richard VanOrmer Leo     08/28/1994  
Pauline Estelle Luby [Brown]     01/10/2015  
Jennie Rachel Marrongelli [Walker]     09/20/2018  
Daniel Louis Martelli     01/06/1992  
Helen Marie Mattioni [Ruffatt]     12/12/2003  
Milton I. Mendenhall, 2nd     06/23/1999  
Emma Mary Miller [Powell]     07/06/2017  
Eileen Katherine Moran [Sutton]        
James Dean Murphy     05/01/2021  
James Richard McGovern     01/18/1999  
Lois Lorraine McMillan [Fraim]     10/08/2016  
Garland Nunn w   07/20/2000  
Grant Phillips Nunn     11/20/2003  
Philomena Lorraine Odorisio [Moulder]        
Joseph A. Olivieri        
Peggy Sue Osborne [Kerr]   email    
Aaron F. Palmatary, Jr.     04/30/2010  
Ralph Laughton Parrett, Jr.     07/19/2006  
Patricia Parsons [Wilson]        
Walter Lee Paynter   email    
Marguerite Catherine Perrone [Garcia]     08/21/1992  
Joan Ann Pesce [DePoulter]        
Lois Lorraine Peterson [Marquette]     11/15/1972  
Mary Margaret Petroll [Belt]     09/03/2017  
Richard Posey w   11/15/1972  
Wilmer Betts Powell     04/05/2014  
Robert L. Ruggieri     12/03/1994  
Teresa Patricia Santucci [Rowley]        
Anselmo Anthony Scalise        
Marlene Patricia Schade [Iocco]   email    
Shirley Kay Snyder [Scalise]        
Valena Nancy Snyder [Grindlinger]        
Edna Mae Spencer [Bertrando]     03/01/1999  
Ruth Edna Starr [Boerstler]     10/05/2013  
Philip Pusey Taylor, Jr.     10/20/1983  
Nicholas F. Teti        
Albert Walter Thompson x   07/10/2003  
Kyle Worth Tucker     01/15/1989  
Janet Ann Vittengl [LaLoup]     06/01/2019  
Howard Wesley Whiteside     01/07/2003  
Nancy Jane Wilkinson        
Elise Mickley Wise [Snowberger]     12/10/2018  
Margaret Sellers Woodward [Ostrom]   email   view news
Alice Pauline Wright [Waksmunski]     07/15/2016  
Frances May Wright [Schroeder]     08/11/2015  
James Thomas Zell     08/28/1986  

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