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List of Classmates (90 total; 2 can be contacted; 71 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Charles C. Antes     12/08/2011  
Colette Marie Auriti [Firmani]     05/05/2004  
Vincent Louis Bacchetta, Jr.     01/09/2021  
Marcelline Louise Baccino [Ciamaricone]     08/14/2005  
Paul Edward Bailey     09/21/2010  
Ralph Donald Barber     08/12/1973  
Adeline Mary Basilio [Connor]        
Joanne Becker [Burket]     09/11/2007  
Margaret Beatrice Bond [Brown]        
Theresa Ann Brackin [Hodson]        
Donald Edward Brosius     07/19/1968  
Sara Betty Buffington [Harkins]     10/17/2020  
Edythe Emma Butcher [-Norton]     12/22/1999  
Samuel Lippincott Chambers, Jr.     10/01/1993  
Carmella Christine Cioti [Amabili]     08/12/2007  
June Ann Cloud [Hemphill]     07/13/1953  
Gilbert B. Collins     06/23/1994  
Modesta Catherine Conner [Bailey]     04/15/2015  
Vance Mercer Cooper     04/11/2011  
Verna Marie Cuff     01/25/2020  
Yolanda Angelia D'Amico [Fidanza]     09/12/2019  
Joy Marie Dario [DiFilippo]        
Victor Rudolph Daub, Jr.        
Agnes Joan DaVia     09/19/2017  
Robert Gabriel Della Pelle     07/15/1993  
Thomas L. DiFelice     08/27/1988  
Concetta Ann DiGiacomo [Tavoni]     05/18/1973  
Emedio T. DiStefano x   05/19/1998  
Helen Theresa Diviney [Shields]        
Juanita Dolinger [Roark]     02/26/2013  
Jean R. Douglas [Cashell]     10/30/1992  
Janet Adrienne Dunn [Wentzel]     03/12/2009  
Catherine Ann Emerson [Crossan Carr]     02/19/2004  
Doris Elizabeth Emerson [Taylor]     07/01/2012  
Jane Brinton Entriken [Conner]        
Edward J. Fahey   email    
S. Margaret Fieni [Passante Petruzzi]        
Jennie Christine Fiore [Fox]     10/19/1995  
James Howard Gawthrop, Jr.     01/16/2009  
Stanley Howard Gilbert, Jr.     12/04/2011  
Miriam Barbara Gilpin [Beddall] t   01/29/2016  
Sara Louise Goss [Kerns]     09/26/1977  
Violet Griffin [Bush] x   08/07/2014  
Arthur Lawrence Hitchens     01/14/1985  
William Edward Hopkins, Jr.     10/19/2017  
Martha Ann Jackson [Collin]        
Mary Leah Johnson [Dougherty]     04/03/2009  
Clara H. Kuerner [Wenner]   email   view news
William Raymond Lam     02/04/2002  
Mary Elizabeth Leo [Hopkins]     02/13/2016  
Vincent Edward Leo x   11/09/1996  
Eva Jean Lurty [Temple]     03/23/1990  
Catherine Elizabeth Lynch [Baker]     09/24/2020  
Stella Marie Madonna [Raimondo]        
Julia Margaret Marine [Borzillo]        
Vincenzi 'James' Martelli u   10/01/2020  
Alan Hamilton Mendenhall, Jr.     06/04/1985  
Lowell Swayne Mercer     06/28/2011  
Ruth Anne Moore [Coletta]        
Monroe Livingston Nute, Jr.     09/12/2007  
Marie Dolores Odorisio [Bonifacino]     08/13/2014  
Nancy M. O'Neal [Ogorek]     09/02/2010  
Dorothy Charmaine Patchell [Brown]     09/16/2013  
Caroline R. Paterniani [Cleaver] x   10/21/2018  
Beatrice Jeanne Pierce [Simeone Scott]     04/15/2020  
Ruthann Preston [Depfer]     10/14/2007  
Anthony Joseph Raimondo     07/18/1999  
Norma Elaine Ramsey [Van_den_Hurk Opreska]     09/20/1956  
Cecil William Rector     10/10/2006  
George Elsworth Regester, III     09/08/1996  
Phyllis Lorraine Riale [McVaugh]        
Mary Lillian Richardson        
Mary Emily Riga [DiAngelis]        
Helen Elizabeth Rigler [Olivieri]     01/20/2019  
George Graff Ruoss, III     04/12/2015  
Ann Lucy Santucci [Berardi]     12/05/2013  
Ada Mary Savini     01/21/2011  
John Gordon Shoemaker     07/29/2016  
Kirk C. Slicer     04/30/2004  
Willard Hall Smedley, Jr.     04/30/2019  
Anne Louise Taylor [Thompson]     09/18/1983  
Peter Carlo Traversa     12/30/2009  
Geraldine A. Tynes [Brock]        
Anna Gloria Vallorani [Manfredi]     03/22/2020  
M. Nancy Vandegrift [Miller]     11/09/1989  
Pauline Anne Vattilano [Killingsworth]     04/06/2019  
Janet Hallowell Walter [Heist]     05/04/2005  
Eva Ruth Wilson [Manning]     11/23/1996  
Margaret Amelia Winters     12/09/2008  
Paul Leon Work        

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