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List of Classmates (103 total; 3 can be contacted; 94 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Ruth Esther Baldwin [Logan]     11/05/2013  
Dorothy O. Barwell [Ruggeri]     10/01/2007  
Alvina Ethel Blokzeyl [Weideman]     04/01/1988  
Mary Louise Boyer [Cramer]     06/15/1997  
Jennie Eliza Boyd [Smith]   email    
Gladys E. Bryan [Volk]     03/07/2014  
Edna Louise Buffington [Mitchell]     08/02/1986  
Marian Ann Campbell [Tavoni]     11/18/2015  
Ethel Theresa Ciorrocco [Pescatore]     12/11/1988  
Charles Shelton Cramer     06/04/2020  
Calvin Edmond Crossan     01/14/1994  
H. Bernice Cuff [Coy]     02/09/1950  
Angeline A. Daddezio [Mozzani]     11/23/2015  
Valentina Rose DaVia [Caputo]     09/13/2004  
Virginia Lucy Della Pelle [Egolf]     10/24/2012  
Katherine Adell Destafney [Thompson]     08/09/2012  
Gloria Carmen Dettori [Pesce]     03/07/1994  
Aida J. DiFilippo [Stainback]   email    
Sunday Marie Theresa DiFilippo [Abbondi]     06/08/2010  
Pauline A. DiGuiseppe [Hemphill Blake]     06/09/2020  
Alfred J. DiNorscia        
Earle Banner Dolinger     10/04/2006  
Miriam Louise Dougherty [Liney]     12/07/1996  
W. Malcolm Drake     12/27/2005  
Richard William Fairbrother     05/20/1971  
Mary Ellen Fernandez [Bredin Giroud]     11/30/1993  
Filomena Theresa Fieni [Matani]     01/18/2019  
Rose Lucy Fiore [Fiore]     10/10/2001  
Elizabeth Hope Flahart [Rubini]     09/01/1997  
Gloria Philomena Franceschine [Ayres]     03/10/2019  
Julia Rose Gabriel [O'Keefe]     03/18/2019  
Douglas Brooke Gilpin t   07/11/2014  
Juanita B. Glasco [Ruff]     01/11/2011  
Irma Louise Hagerty [Connor]     07/12/2013  
Margaret P. Hamilton [VanSant]     01/14/2018  
Paul Vernon Hartman     10/05/1998  
Elizabeth W. Harvey [Futty]     08/20/2016  
Flo Elaine Haupt [Jones]        
George R. Hedrick     02/02/2014  
Elizabeth Jane Hollingsworth     11/02/1998  
Lydia Ann Hollingsworth [Sterne]     01/22/1998  
Ralph Raymond Holton     06/14/1982  
Cathrine Ann Jardot [Mullen]     11/22/1987  
Dorothy Elizabeth Johnson [Brown]     12/08/2012  
Mildred Harriet Jones [Carter]     03/30/2012  
Edward Michael Lafferty     11/06/2019  
Mary Loretta Lafferty [Jackson]     02/17/2020  
Ward Branning Lambert     10/01/2010  
Marie Elizabeth Lamborn [Desmond]     04/02/2006  
Jeanne Harriet LeFevre [Minshall]     06/27/2018  
Clara M. Leo [Gatti]     02/09/2016  
Pasquale Joseph LePore        
Sylvia Ann Leto [Fawcett]     12/22/2020  
Herman Howard Lockman     10/12/1991  
Helen Naomi Love [Lloyd]     03/27/1991  
Elsie Lynette Lundquist [Neilson]     04/01/2018  
Helen Mary Manfredi [Gallo] x   06/07/1967  
Peter V. Martelli     01/09/1945  
Mary M. Mason     07/09/2012  
Priscilla Lewis Matthews     12/20/1999  
Vernon Swayne Mercer     04/04/2010  
Marie Teresa Mullen [Paxson]     12/12/1982  
Merrill Allen Myers     08/27/2010  
William John MacCloskey     07/29/1997  
William Patrick McGovern     12/17/1957  
Robert Bruce McKinstry        
Elizabeth Ann Nilan [Crossan Ross]     10/11/2007  
Helen Janet Pedicone [Musacchio]     12/23/1991  
Ethel Rebecca Pennington [Crossan]     09/26/2010  
Florence Ida Pennington [Larrimore]     07/25/1988  
Joseph Theodore Pennock     03/03/1998  
Paul John Pesce     03/11/1987  
Frances Kathleen Phelps [Mercer]     07/01/1991  
Mario Philip Pia        
Yolanda Delfina Pia [Lunatici]     02/25/2000  
Josephine Maxwell Pierce [Haupt]        
Mary Edna Powell [Derickson]     02/28/2020  
Richard Lewis Preston     12/16/2009  
Eleanor Pyle [McKinstry]     09/15/2012  
Marjorie Ann Regester [Veasey]     07/24/1984  
Earl Kenneth Rigler     02/25/2016  
Ellery S. Robbins     01/05/2003  
David Savitch     05/11/1959  
Raymond Frederick Schlaanstine, Jr.     10/25/1944  
John VanCleve Scudder     04/10/1990  
Kenneth C. Sharpless     12/16/1992  
Betty G. Smith [Taylor]     06/03/2012  
Eubert Harold Smith     10/31/1999  
William Lewis Stafford     09/25/1992  
Maryann Starr [Kilby]     02/22/1983  
Jean Elizabeth Surgeson [Sheppheard] x   09/25/1992  
Ruth Ida Surgeson [Teti]     02/01/2001  
Richard M. Tingle     12/11/1986  
Gabriel Vattilano x   09/06/1997  
Vincent R. Versagli     01/09/1996  
Mary Louise Walter [Ruggieri]   email    
Howard J. Walton, 2nd     06/19/2013  
Joel Baker Walton     01/27/1983  
Charles Homer Weller x   01/02/2013  
Hazel Marie Whalen [Morton]     11/24/2006  
Mason Enos White     04/09/2002  
W. Lawrence Wilkinson     11/10/2005  
Marie Pauline Zunino [Pia]     05/25/2001  

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