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List of Classmates (97 total; 2 can be contacted; 87 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Fred Abbondi, Jr. x   05/22/2013  
Mildred Ruth Bane     07/19/2014  
Charles Jay Becker     05/05/1997  
Clara Elizabeth Bond [Boyer]     11/27/1991  
Mary R. Bove [Russell]     08/27/2011  
Esther Elizabeth Brackin [Swanson]     01/12/1997  
Kathryn Louise Brackin [Cuddy Wayne] w   10/28/1978  
Robert Edwin Brackin     04/12/2010  
Harry Banks Briley     05/13/2012  
Hazel Brock [Carter] x   04/14/1991  
Raymond L. Brown (Irwin)     09/03/1977  
Esther Mae Carter [Tackett]     09/05/2008  
Teresa A. Catena [Vincenti]     01/24/2015  
Henry John Ciarrocchi     12/03/2016  
Yolanda A. Ciarrocchi [Bush]     03/14/2015  
Louise Anne Clemente [Keller]     09/30/2013  
Joseph Maynard Collier     10/23/2000  
Wallace Bushong Collins, Jr.     02/03/2007  
Levan Irving Conner     06/06/1943  
Salvatore Joseph Cucinotta     04/16/2008  
Jeannette M. D'Amico [Filiaggi]     08/28/2012  
Jeanne Danielson [Fisher]     06/01/1966  
Edith Marie DeBoard [Cooper]     08/13/1998  
Antoinette R. Della Pelle [Rubino]     01/26/2018  
Anna J. Dell'Arciprete     11/02/1983  
Thomas John DiAngelis     04/21/1980  
Eugene J. DiFilippo, Jr.     05/13/2005  
Splendora L. DiFilippo [Guiseppe]     12/21/2011  
Lucy DiMarino [Nemetz]        
Florence Rita Diviney [Brown]     04/24/2014  
Anna Marie Diviney [Pinkerton]     10/18/2010  
John Henry Donnelly     06/06/1972  
Mary Elizabeth Donnelly [LeVan]     08/23/1952  
Robert Roland Ely     10/26/1984  
Livia S. Fidanza [Bazzoli]     03/04/2014  
Pasquale P. Fiore     10/07/1967  
Dorothy Beatrice Fogg [Stumpf]     03/04/2004  
Antoinette Marie Galante [Rosci]     10/09/2017  
Edwina H. Gebhart [Williams]     09/05/1986  
Ruth Malinda Goodwin [Anderson Logan]     02/02/1964  
Anna Louise Haines [Antoine]     04/21/2004  
Wilma Jean Hamilton [VanSant]        
Edward Thomas Hannum     05/16/2009  
Lorraine Hartman [Davis]     05/27/2014  
Eugenia Marie Heiler [Unkefer]     10/29/2000  
Ruth Virginia Holcomb [Richards]     02/04/2019  
Willard Edwin Irwin     04/28/1945  
Helen Eastwood Jefferis [Caldwell]     06/13/2002  
Mildred Matthews Johnson [Loughhead]   facebook    
Richard F. Johnson, Jr.     02/19/2000  
Mary Ellen Kelleher     11/03/2011  
Spencer Blackburn Kennedy, Jr.     04/18/2014  
James M. Lafferty     03/18/2016  
Lewis Joseph Lafferty, Jr.     12/03/1996  
John F. Lammey        
Elide Lattes     before 01/27/2015  
Rita Frances Leo [Bugliani]     07/05/2000  
Russell A. Leo     05/31/1963  
Albert Joseph Leonard        
Ruth Anna Leukel [Vagt]   facebook    
Frances Sarah Loebe [Mansure]     02/22/2018  
Nancy Marian Lysle [McBerty]     10/24/2010  
Mildred Beatrice Major [Cummings]     08/20/1994  
Mario P. Malchione        
Susie Philomenia Mattoscio [DaBundo]     02/15/2016  
James Domenick Mazzoni     10/2017  
James Edward Miller     07/27/1995  
William Thomas Minshall     09/01/2020  
Katherine Marie Mundy [Kendig]     10/14/2016  
Janet B. McKirachan [Hamilton]     03/08/2010  
Lucy A. Odorisio [Lafferty]     07/06/2003  
Bertram J. Owen, Jr.     05/01/1993  
Ella Jean Peirson [Leach]        
Joseph D. Perrone     04/09/2000  
Kenneth Berk Peters     03/17/1972  
Nancy Ruth Philips [McCandless]     07/02/2014  
Aldo Romeo Dante Pia     09/25/2010  
Rebecca H. Plankinton [Taylor]     07/29/1995  
Ethel Jane Rae [Gregg Austrew]     11/03/2011  
Esther McGregor Reid     11/24/2002  
Camilla Chloe Robinson [Watson]     12/19/2006  
Archie R. Ruggieri, Jr.     02/04/1983  
Samuel G. Russell     09/10/2000  
Mary Rose Santucci [Day]     05/13/1996  
Sterling R. Saunders x   04/20/2017  
Louis J. Savini        
Rosemary Patricia Sheehan [Enright]     02/26/2010  
Robert Stuart Swanson, Jr.     01/04/2017  
John Edward Swift     06/10/2007  
Aleathia Bernard Thompson [Johnson Chandler]     01/29/1991  
Frank Joseph Troilo        
Gerard D. Troilo     08/06/2016  
Marie A. Vallorani [Caputo]     01/21/1994  
Eva Lillian Walker [Cantler]     07/08/1977  
Robert Alexander Warren     04/13/1995  
James White     03/08/1996  
Jean Elizabeth Winters [Long]     10/31/1998  

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