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List of Classmates (107 total; none can be contacted; 106 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Name [married name] Codes Contact Info Died News
Dorothy Taylor Alexander [Janus]     03/29/1945  
Bertha Faye Arnold [Turner]     03/04/1989  
Anna Mae Baily [Bowman]     02/20/1967  
Morris Nathan Baldwin, Jr.     12/02/2007  
Anthony Nicholas Basilio     03/30/2013  
Kathryn Virginia Battan [Schroeder]     01/31/2014  
Batista Bertogli w   06/14/1989  
Rena Catherine Bertogli [Jones]     08/25/1982  
Clyde L. Binkley     06/27/1995  
Henry John Blokzeyl     12/09/1997  
Frederick H. Bonifacino     06/12/2014  
Melva Margaret Brackin [McKee]     06/05/2011  
Lane A. Burnett     03/29/1977  
Ruth Marian Burnett [Zell] x   08/21/1989  
Noel Campbell x   04/15/1944  
Dorothy Elizabeth Cann [Hopkins]     07/01/2005  
Wise Washington Carter, Jr. x   08/26/1991  
Ann Clarkson Chambers [Raum]     01/10/1997  
Dominic J. Ciorrocco     10/28/2001  
Mary Carmela Clemente [DiFilippo]     02/10/1998  
Helen Mae Clift [McClay]     11/27/2009  
Edith L. Cloud [Irvine]     05/03/1986  
Pearl Marie Cockerham [Margerum Ryle]     12/18/1995  
Bernardo Joseph Cordivano, Jr. w   02/27/2007  
Eleanor Marie Crossan [Davidson]     05/15/2020  
Sarah Elizabeth Cutaiar [Patterson Becker Quay]     02/15/2008  
Ella Mae Danielson [Woolard]        
Mamie Virginia Dehorty [Bundrick]     05/31/1995  
John Cornelius Desmond     08/02/2008  
Marguerite E. Dettori [Plankinton]     07/22/2013  
Alfonso A. DiAngelis     12/24/1996  
Philis DiBartolomeo [Valentino] x   08/10/2000  
Achilles F. DiGiacomo     05/18/1944  
Peter DiGuiseppe, Jr. h   09/22/1990  
Albert A. DiMarino     07/19/1999  
Lucie C. DiNorscia [McGlinn]     02/19/2018  
Eugene P. Dripps     11/16/1989  
Beverly Madge Fairbrother [Prine]     01/05/2005  
Charles J. Fiore     03/13/2005  
Marian Alice Fogg [Reese]     07/24/2014  
Mary Ann Frabriso [Marine]     06/12/2009  
Martha Jane Gallagher [Bailey] t   04/21/2012  
Jesse Henry Gibson     03/25/2010  
Marguerite Virginia Grady [Cleveland]     12/18/1959  
Robert W. Graham     12/11/1946  
Mary Guizzetti [Lencioni] x   05/09/2020  
Harry Warren Hamilton     04/23/2002  
Cora Belle Harrison [Butcher] x   12/25/1983  
Gilbert Hazlett     11/20/1972  
Louise Higgins     11/04/2002  
John V. Hollingsworth, Jr.     05/18/1999  
William Hunter x   12/07/1944  
Lorraine Dorothea Jardot [Whipple]     04/05/1991  
Flora Margaret Jones [Pugh Cashel]     11/06/2010  
Roy B. Jones     12/04/1953  
John Charles Kelleher     09/30/1997  
Harry Knotts x   07/09/1997  
Christine V. Lafferty [Gillis]     08/05/1991  
Catherine Rita Leo [Brutscher Miller]     11/06/2005  
Mary Helen Leone [Sowden]     02/25/1964  
Oreste V. Leto, Jr.     03/05/2006  
E. Joan MacInnes [Hollingsworth]     07/20/2002  
Evelyn Vietta Major [Messick]     11/11/2002  
Lillian Major [Fulton] x   04/17/1979  
Anthony Vincent Malchione     08/07/1996  
George P. Marine     09/25/2015  
Grace A. Marshall     08/01/1971  
Robert Henry Marshall x   07/14/2009  
Ruth Amy Martin [Owens]     04/11/2008  
Donald George Mason     02/18/2008  
Harrison D. Mason     01/24/1950  
Florence Maule [Brackin] x   04/01/2002  
Emilio Aurelio Mazza     11/12/2011  
Francis McGinty x   02/20/1996  
Eleanore Lois McKinstry [Andrews]     03/30/2016  
Leanore B. McVaugh [Patterson]     10/27/2008  
Margaret Elizabeth Miller [Kilmer]     08/11/2005  
Jay Roland Minshall     02/21/2017  
Gladys Anna Newell [Burton]     12/27/1968  
Edmond Angelo Niccolini     05/22/1987  
Phylis Laone Nilan [Reiter]     10/01/1978  
Katherine Grace Nolte [Hutton]     03/26/1970  
Jane Elizabeth Pennock [Collins]     12/14/2000  
Leigh F. Peters t   11/08/2012  
Armond J. Petrucci     03/15/1992  
Ernest L. Rector x   04/03/1987  
John L. Riggs     04/15/1997  
Jane Rupert     03/26/2002  
Ethel Constance Russell [Jacoby]     02/08/2001  
Charles I. Schwendeman     09/19/2000  
Edna Lavenia Short [Kauffman]     04/07/1981  
Leon C. Spahn     01/18/1945  
William Thomas Kilmer Surgeson     02/27/1966  
Lawrence Hobson Swayne x   05/06/1945  
Anthony Joseph Tavoni t   10/11/2015  
Dora Kinney Taylor [Smith] t   08/25/2007  
Irving Pierson Taylor     10/08/1988  
Anthony J. Teti     01/28/2013  
Marcia Tindall [Benbow]     03/01/1999  
Mary Phillips Way     01/09/1996  
Emma Jean Wollaston [Oas]     06/04/1993  
Joseph Paul Wollaston     12/23/1999  
Janet Worrall [Baily] t   03/22/2013  
Harry Walter Wright     08/07/1979  
Alice Augusta Yeatman [Reynolds]     04/07/2004  
Anna Louise Yerkes [Hughes]     01/02/2001  
Elmer C. Young     09/25/1992  

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