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List of Classmates (68 total; none can be contacted; 68 have died [Click on underlined date of death {if underlining is present} to see obituary or other information.])
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Ella Louise Alexander [Bernard Fitzsimmons]     10/18/2010  
Evelina Gebhardt Baldwin [Lawrence]     05/15/2010  
Viola Netta Barwell [Naudain]     10/05/2012  
Richard Bowman     07/11/1979  
Vernon Victor Brock, Jr.     03/14/1989  
Ruth Mae Brown [Williams]     09/26/1990  
Harry J. Buffington, Jr.     10/02/2009  
William L. Bulger     12/15/1974  
Mary Virginia Burnett [Cockerham]     02/02/2014  
Victor China     01/30/2003  
Laura R. Ciorrocco [Pratola]     03/05/2000  
Maryann Clarkston [Brown]     12/04/1981  
Elizabeth Bennett Cleveland [Malin]     04/11/2003  
Dorothea Cloud [Morse]     06/06/2008  
Elinor M. Cook [Goss]     04/25/1971  
Robert Alexander Craig, Jr.     09/04/1959  
Donald F. Davenport     10/17/2004  
Mary Margaret Dillon [O'Connell]     11/04/2016  
Dorothy Miriam Eastburn [Dempsey]     06/22/2007  
John P. Fiore     08/10/2000  
Earle M. Ford     04/26/1995  
Katherine Pauline Goodwin [Barton]     12/26/2004  
Joseph Earl Griffith, Jr.     07/02/1980  
Warrington F. Guthrie, Jr.     02/06/1998  
Miller Nathan Hobson     07/20/2004  
George Frederick Holton     12/30/2006  
Ruth Esther Hoopes [Campbell]     12/09/2011  
Donald F. Ironside     08/28/1988  
Marjorie Ella Jones [Driver]     11/11/1972  
Gerald Kilmer     06/11/1992  
Mary E. Lafferty [Gregg]     03/02/2004  
Verna Marie Leonard [Fuller]     07/08/2006  
Willard C. Loper     09/26/1995  
John J. Lynch     04/21/1989  
Edward Joseph Moynihan     04/13/1974  
Evelyn Frances Myers [Davenport]     01/29/2010  
Edward Miller McCummings     08/15/1984  
Margaret I. McPherson [Palmtag]     09/05/2007  
Esther Bennett Ney [Underwood]     03/16/1995  
Adam K. Nolte     11/06/1985  
Ruth S. Owen [Newton]     04/12/2013  
Anna Elizabeth Palmer [Bowden]     04/28/1951  
Howard Edward Palmer     08/01/2008  
Joseph Bond Philips, Jr.     01/31/2006  
Arthur Taylor Pratt     09/20/1993  
Nancy Isabelle Riale [Supplee]     11/06/2010  
G. Carlton Ruoss     05/23/1958  
Virginia Doris Schmaltz [Barwell]     11/04/1999  
Roland E. Sharpless, Jr.     07/21/1982  
Winifred Siemer [Rablee Aggas]     11/11/2001  
Anna Marguerite Smith [McAneny]     02/17/2002  
Walter Soulliard     12/07/2004  
David Wilson Taylor, Jr.     05/29/2000  
Mary Elizabeth Taylor [Gastinger]     01/13/1974  
Letitia Talley Twaddell [Reese]     12/26/1990  
Wilbur Richard Uhde     06/02/1983  
Helen Emma Vandegrift [Middleton Thompson]     02/01/2010  
Josephine Maria Vincenti     09/09/2005  
Hazel Waters [Bryan]     07/23/2014  
Howard K. Webb, Jr.     06/03/2004  
Sara E. Wickersham [Maloney]     09/29/1959  
Gilbert Francis Winfield     11/07/2012  
John Harold Wise     10/03/1993  
Eleanor Mitchell Wollaston [Hawthorne]     02/10/2013  
Fillmore Butler Wood     06/25/1991  
Jean Woodward [Abbe]     08/20/2004  
Edna Margaret Wright [Wood Carty]     09/29/1990  
Gheretein Yeatman [Kline Brown]     02/25/2012  

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