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  • Thanks to David Bennett for his January 9 discussion about electric cars (and his Tesla Model S in particular) and his subsequent tour of the car itself.
  • Please support KHS Seniors trying to raise money in support of Penn State's 'Four Diamonds' program to find cures for childhood cancers.  Click here for details.
  • Next get-together is our Saturday luncheon (Saturday, March 11, noon-2pm) at Giordano’s (633 E. Cypress St) in Kennett Square.
  • One reunion is planned for 2017.  Please send us your reunion plans!  Click 'Scheduled Reunions' for current listings.
  • Deaths recently added to website (** denotes a very recent addition).  Married names, if know are in [].  See 'Deaths' pages for full listing of the 3,400 deaths that we know about.
    • **Robert Stuart Swanson, KHS 1942, died January 4.
    • **Rose J. Martelli [Anderson], KHS 1945, died January 1.
    • Patricia Anne Morrison [Davis], KHS 1956, died January 1.
    • Richard Bruce Hawkins, KHS 1959, died December 29.
    • Alice Kershaw [Regester], KCSD cafeteria, died December 16.
    • Anthony J. Pannell, KHS 1958, died December 11.
    • Joseph Robert Leo, KHS 1961, died December 11.
    • Denise Frances DiBartolomeo [Miller], KHS 1975, died December 5.
    • Henry John Ciarrocchi, KHS 1942, died December 3.
    • Barbara Ann Burke [DiFilippo], KHS 1956, died November 29.
    • Robert Eugene Mason, KHS 1954, died November 23.
    • Ethel Frances Jones [Grady Crombe Alquist], KHS 1939, died November 10.
    • John Francis Ludwig, KHS 1955, died November 9.
    • Paul Francis Winters, KHS 1976, died November 7.
    • Mary Margaret Dillon [O'Connell], KHS 1935, died November 4.
    • Rose M. Vattilano [Cocco], KHS 1941, died November 4.
    • Julia A. Cioti [DelGrosso], KHS 1947, died October 17.
    • Katherine Marie Mundy [Kendig], KHS 1942, died October 14.
    • Olen M. Grimes, Jr., KHS 1980, died October 10.
    • Lois Lorraine McMillan [Fraim], KHS 1952, died October 8.
    • Phillip Carter Doty, KHS 2011, died October 6.
    • Fred Guiliano, KHS 1961, died October 5.
    • **Alice Pauline Wright [Waksmunski], KHS 1952, died July 15.
  • Recent finds from 2010 through 2015:
    • Lillybell Smith [Wright], KHS 1948, died January 26, 2015.
    • Click here for all 4 changes since December 28, 2016 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 4 changes since December 28, 2016 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.

Own a piece of history!  Click here to order your replicas of the Kennett High School and the History Station.


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