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    • **Catherine Eugene Norton [Walker Jones], KHS 1961, died Oct. 13
    • James Denver Harne, KHS Librarian (1974-1982), died Oct. 11
    • Linda Ann Hendrickson [Schroder], KHS 1969, died Oct. 7
    • **Susan Elizabeth Breen [Bailey], KHS 1968, died Oct. 3
    • Paul Francis McCauley, KHS 1965, died Sept. 29
    • John Paul Pannell, KHS 1954, died Sept. 22
    • Stephen David Pizzini, KHS 1962, died Sept. 19
    • Bonita Georgianna Davis [Eller], KHS 1965, died Sept. 18
    • Carolyn Mills [Wilcox Rayne], librarian, died Sept. 17
    • Yolanda Angelia D'Amico [Fidanza], KHS 1946, died Sept. 12
    • Francis Passante, Jr., KHS 1962, died Sept. 9
    • Bryan J. Eldreth, KHS 1958, died Sept. 2
    • **Robert Merritt Menges, KHS 1948, died Aug. 20
    • ---
  • Recent finds from before Jan. 1, 2019:
    • Elizabeth Alice Dennison, KHS 1971, died May 5, 2018
    • **Numerous faculty/administration from 1929 and before.
    • Click here for all 79 changes since June 26, 2019 (ordered by date).
    • Click here for all 79 changes since June 26, 2019 (ordered by class).

Anyone who has attended the high school, even for one year, is an alumnus.


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