KHS Class of 1967
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*** Sad addendum: Lorraine DeStafney [Hollis], pictured below, died September 20 ***
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Fifty classmates from the Kennett Class of 1967 gathered on Saturday afternoon, September 15 to catch up on 40 years of life’s experiences. The reunion was held at Tom and Joleen Heiervang’s farm on Brandywine Drive in West Chester. Tom was the former exchange student from Norway with the class in their senior year.

The Reunion committee involved included Elaine Fiore, Dee Pesce, George Barber, Donna Maraldo, Margaret Felicetti (Pennington) and Maureen McCauley. The committee wanted to plan an informal gathering to promote lots of opportunities to mingle and enjoy. Each classmate contributed to the buffet with a fabulous array of salads, desserts, appetizers and the Heiervangs’ arranged for a pig roast to be included.

Former students came from near and far literally. “Out-of-towners” included Karen Yarnell (Florida), Gwynee Unruh (New Mexico), Greg Woods (California), Galen Goss (Virginia), Jim Wayne (Arizona), Linda Tice (California), Tom Heiervang (Norway), Eric Roberts (Maryland), and Jackie Fletcher (Oklahoma).

Once again, Kennetteer yearbooks were passed around for signing. The crisp Autumn  afternoon was the perfect setting to gather and catch up and reconnect. The group enthusiastically agreed to meet again – and not to wait another 15 years!!

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40th reunion committee: Dee Pesce, Elaine Fiore, Margaret Felicetti and Maureen McCauley

Class of '67 -- 40th reunion

Closeup - Left Side

Closeup - Right Side

Amy and Galen Goss with Tom Heiervang

Dee Pesce (Gerrity) and Maureen McCauley ready for the reunion

Diane Cummings gets a hand

Earl Rigler and Brinis Miller

Ed Zunino & John Fogelman

Elaine Fiore and Linda Pesce with Jim Wayne in background

Elaine Fiore, Jim Wayne and Margaret Felicetti (Pennington)

Eric Roberts & Maureen McCauley

Eric Roberts, David Boyer (class president) and Ed Holcroft

Gary DiFilippo & Eric Roberts

George Barber & Tom Heiervang tend to the roast pig

Gordy Walls and Georganna Dennison

Jane Harris and Patty Pierson

Jim Wayne with Rose Lee Roberts

John Fogelman, Anthony Basilio, Rich Swift and Tom Heiervang catch up

Karen Yarnell (Fla.), Gwynne Unruh (New Mex.), Greg Woods (Cal.), Galen Goss (Va.), Jim Wayne (Arizona), Linda Tice (Cal.), Tom (Norway), Eric (Md), Jackie Fletcher (Oklahoma)

Kennett relics

Linda Smith with name tag

Lorraine DeStafney

Margaret Felicetti with Becky Hostetler and Marcella Hoosier in background

Marlene DiNorscia and Donna Sexton

Mrs. Brinis Miller & Janet Harris

Out-of-Towner's Club

Pasquale Fiore talks with Rich Pesce; Gab Valentino and Brinis Miller in background

Patricia Malchione, Norma Jean Shupe and Greg Woods

Patricia Malchione

Robert Harris, Patricia Malchione and Velmer Brown

Rose Roberts helps set the buffet

sisters Jane & Jackie Fletcher with Eric Roberts

Tom Heiervang puts finishing touches on his barn

Marlene DiNorscia (Reinhart), Norma Shupe (Dunn) and Patty Malchione

Patty Pierson (Thomas) and Jim Wayne

Georganna Dennison, Marcell Hoosier (Keiter) and husband, Alvin, Janet Harris (Johnson)

Brinis Miller, Greg Woods and Gordy Walls

Earl Rigler

Gary DiFilippo, Eddie Zunino and Gabe Valentino

Patty Malchione, Lorraine DeStafney (Hollis) and Diane Cummings