Kennett High School, Class of 2012

Faculty and Administration

Kennett Consolidated School District Board

     Douglas B. Stirling, President
     Heather Schaen, Vice President
     Michael Finnegan, Treasurer
     Rudy Alfonso
     Shirley L. Annand
     George P. Drake, Jr.
     Aline Frank
     Dominic F. Perigo, Jr.
     Janis Reynolds

District Administration

     Barry W. Tomasetti, Superintendent
     Sharon S. Bennett, Director of Special Education
     Mark T. Tracy, Director of Business Administration
     Robert J. Perzel, Director of Construction and Facilities
     Nancy L. Tischer, Director of Human Resources
     Mary Lynn Vincent (died Nov. 2, 2019), Supervisor of Mathematics/Science
     Jane E. Pedroso, Supervisor of Language Arts/Reading/Social Studies

Kennett High School Administration

     Michael A. Barber, Principal
     Raymond A. Fernandez, Jr., Assistant Principal
     Tomorrow S. Jenkins, Assistant Principal
     Jeffery J. Thomas, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Kennett High School Faculty

     Carol K. Aiken, English
     Colleen M. Allen, Counseling Psychology
     Michael D. Anastas, Geological Science
     Nancy P. Andrus, Educational Development & Strategies
     Robert M. Anthony, Chemistry
     Chanel August, Business Education
     Colleen M. Barber, Business Education
     Alexis N. Battaglia, Special Education
     E. Martin Beech, Music
     Jess E. Bewley, Earth & Space Science
     Sarah A. Bohrer, English/Literacy
     Thomas W. Brientnall, History
     Korri J. Brown (died May 18, 2019), Educational Leadership
     Anne M. Carroll, Religious Studies/Mathematics
     Mary Carroll, Special Education
     Colleen M. Catto, Educational Development & Strategies
     Rachel C. Ceci, Family & Consumer Science
     Hanna E. Ciceu, Teaching
     Vincent R. Civiletti, Latin
     Jason Cordova, English Education/ESL
     Nicole L. Cuddeback, Special Education
     Lisa M. Daugherty, Health/Physical Education
     Jodi S. Davidson, Art
     Amy J. DeFoe, Special Education
     Shawn D. Duffy, Social Studies/History
     Bradley R. Dunkle, Mathematics
     Maria N. Enriquez, Spanish
     Daniel J. Folmar, Engineering/Business
     William T. Fritsch, Business Education
     Thomasina Gentekos, English Education
     Kaitlin M. Giuglianotti, French/Francophone Studies
     Scott Green, Special Education
     Kimberley J. Guarneri, Mathematics
     Christopher J. Hancock, Educational Leadership & Innovation
     Thomas E. Henry, Jr., Educational Leadership
     Thomas P. Hironimus, Art Education
     Cybil Y. Housh, Social Studies Education
     Karen L. Hudecheck, Reading
     Margaret M. Hughes, Chemistry/Secondary Education
     Jeanne E. Hutton, Guidance
     Theresa Indiveri, Educational Leadership
     Michael J. Kelly, Mathematics
     Michael A. King, Special Education
     Lisa A. Kochmansky, Health/Physical Education
     Kevin M. Konitzer, Chemistry
     Duane C. Kotz, German
     Wendy S. Kotz, Spanish Education/ESL
     Cheryl A. Lamoreux, English
     Susan A. Larson, Clinical Nutrition
     Stephanie J. Lluna-Garces, Spanish
     Constance K. Logan, Innovation & Leadership
     Andrea M. McAndrews, Mathematics
     Erin McDonnell-Jones, English
     Jeffrey A. Moreau, Physics
     M. Dustin Mott, Curriculum & Instruction
     Brooke H. Mulroy, School Health Services
     Elizabeth R. Nardozzi, English
     Kathleen Caputo Nelms, Art Education
     Mark J. Nelson, Mathematics/Secondary Education
     Joseph M. Oleykowski, Health/Physical Education/Driver Education
     Joseph S. O'Sullivan, Educational Leadership
     Petrina F. Pappas, English Language Arts
     Elizabeth A. Parrett, Special Education
     Nicholas S. Peters, History
     Ronald L. Phillips, Mathematics
     Kevin S. Reigel, Biology/Secondary Education
     Michael J. Replogle, Geology & Astronomy
     Keith M. Riley, Biology
     Steven P. Robison (died April 14, 2012), Computer Science
     Anton Romano, Instrumental Music
     Francis E. Ryan, Jr., School Counseling
     Ronald J. Schultz, Mathematics
     Elise A. Seltzer, Spanish
     Carolyn L. Smith, Liberal Studies
     Robert P. Socash, History
     Catherine C. Soukup, Music
     Jane M. Stoutland, Educational Administration
     Jason R. Stroup, Special Education
     Alicia C. Tamargo, Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
     Lisa A. Teixeira, Information Studies
     Francis J. Vanderslice, Education
     Kelly A. Virgin, English
     Robert M. Wagner, Jr., Special Education
     Michael J. Waite, History
     Diana L. Wildermuth, Counseling & Human Relations
     Mark E. Williamson, Spanish
     Christine V. Wilson, English

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