Kennett High School, Class of 2002

Faculty and Administration

Kennett Consolidated School District Board

     Catherine Townsend, President
     Rev. Carlton M. Avery, Vice President
     Maurice E. Reynolds (died April 8, 2013), Treasurer
     Mark T. Tracy, Secretary (non-member)
     Shirley L. Annand
     Wesley Bowers
     Carrie H. Freeman
     Dorcas Gamble
     Maureen Harrigan
     Mary K. Wollaston (died Feb. 19, 2015)

District Office Administration

     Rudolph F. Karkosak, Superintendent
     Constance Ames, Director of Student Services and Special Education
     W. Edward Bureau, Director of Instructional Services
     Mark T. Tracy, Director of Business Operations
     Nancy L. Tischer, Director of Human Resources

Kennett High School Administration

     James S. Calhoun (died May 18, 2019), Principal
     Raymond A. Fernandez, Jr., Assistant Principal
     Wesley S. McDowell, Assistant Principal

Kennett High School Faculty

     Carol K. Aiken, English
     P. Fred Anderson, Art
     Robert M. Anthony, Chemistry
     Colleen M. Barber, Business Education
     Raymond A. Basilio, Industrial Technology
     E. Martin Beech, Music
     Kathleen Bergman, Certified Home & School Visitor
     David L. Berry, Business Education
     Kay G. Biondi, Mathematics
     Sheila G. Bourgeault, Music
     Nicole E. Butler, Science Education
     Lisa B. Carey, Mathematics
     Anne M. Carroll, Mathematics/Religious Studies
     Vincent R. Civiletti, Latin
     Susan P. Cole, Home Economics Education
     Jane A. Cornell, Spanish
     Lisa M. Daugherty, Health/Physical Education
     Lorenzo G. DeAngelis, Health/Physical Education
     Shawn D. Duffy, History Education
     Bradley R. Dunkle, Mathematics
     John P. Ferraro, Technology Specialist
     Howard K. Fetters, Jr. (died June 21, 2017), English
     Anjanette M. Fidanza, E.S.L.
     Regina C. Gallagher, Nutrition Education
     John R. Griffith, Art
     Robert R. Hoch, Music
     Karen L. Hudecheck, Special Education
     Jeanne E. Hutton, Guidance
     Barbara H. Johanson, Home Economics
     M. Patricia Johnson, Spanish
     Carla P. Kahlbaugh, Secondary Education/Liberal Arts
     Michael J. Kelly, Mathematics
     Erin B. Keyser, Special Education
     Michael A. King, Special Education
     Lisa A. Kochmansky, Health/Physical Education
     Kevin M. Konitzer, Chemistry
     Cheryl A. Lamoreux, English
     Brigitte M. Leiling-Fritz, French
     Stephanie Lluna-Garces, Spanish
     Agnesann Mathis, History
     Melody McAllister, Guidance
     Irene J. Meredith (died Sept. 23, 2016), French
     M. ZoŽ Miros, English
     M. Dustin Mott, Mathematics
     Dante V. Mucci, Biology/Earth & Space Science
     Brooke Mulroy, School Health Services
     Elizabeth R. Nardozzi, Special Education
     Mark V. Nelms, Social Studies
     Joseph M. Oleykowski, Health/Physical Education/Driver Education
     Jean F. O'Neil, Business Education
     Elizabeth A. Parrett, Special Education
     Nicholas S. Peters, History
     Joyce C. Petty, Business Education
     Carol W. Phillips, Business Education
     Kevin S. Reigel, Biology/Secondary Education
     Michael J. Replogle, Earth Science
     Keith M. Riley, Biology
     Steven P. Robison (died April 14, 2012), Computer Science
     Deborah M. Roselle, English
     Lois E. Ruth, English
     Francis E. Ryan, Jr., Guidance
     Rebecca A. Ryan, Special Education
     David J. Santer, Industrial Technology
     Ronald J. Schultz, Mathematics
     Victor J. Schuster, Health/Physical Education
     Timothy R. Skiles, Social Science
     Ellen M. Spell, Instruction
     Robert P. Socash, History
     Jane M. Stoutland, Educational Administration
     Alicia C. Tamargo, Mathematics Education
     Thomas J. Tatum, English
     Lisa A. Teixeira, Information Studies
     Jeffery J. Thomas, Administration
     Deborah L. Tinson, Health/Physical Education
     Christine V. Wilson, English
     Jodi P. Young, Biology
     Joyce L. Young, Arts and Science

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