Kennett High School, Class of 1970

Faculty and Administration

Kennett Consolidated School District Board

     Dr. Charles J. Hollister (died June 6, 1996), President
     Mr. Robert P. Thompson, Vice President
     Mr. Robert S. Stanley (died Nov. 26, 1982), Secretary
     Mr. M. James Hoffman (died July 11, 2014), Treasurer
     Dr. Joseph H. Balthis (died July 8, 1996)
     Mr. Bradford Bowman (died Sept. 26, 2018)
     Dr. Helen C. Collins (died Jan. 19, 1992)
     Dr. Robert D. Mair (died Jan. 17, 2001)
     Dr. David L. Stoddard (died March 11, 2005)
     Mrs. Grace M. Merrick (died Aug. 22, 1990)

KCSD Administrative Staff

     Dr. Forrest R. Schaeffer (died Sept. 2, 2010), District Superintendent
     Mr. Milman E. Prettyman (died June 28, 1984), School Business Manager
     Mr. Roscoe A. Peters (died Nov. 26, 1986), Administrative Assistant
     Dr. Guy R. Kline (died April 1, 1994), Coordinator of Curriculum and Guidance

Junior-Senior High School Administration

     Earl R. Knorr (died July 24, 2007), Principal
     Kenneth A. Webb (died July 23, 2000), Vice Principal
     Nathan W. Kendig (died June 13, 2014), Assistant Senior High School Principal
     Fred J. Gilfillan (died Dec. 1, 2005), Assistant Junior High School Principal

Junior-Senior High School Faculty

     Pamela R. Abernathy, French, Spanish
     Scott H. Armstrong, History
     Lynda C. Arnold, Art
     Jerrold P. Bankert, English
     William O. Barlow, Industrial Arts
     Sarah C. Becker (died Feb. 15, 2008), English
     Louise Benner, Librarian
     Robert Berdoulay (died June 6, 2015), Science
     Equilla W. Boyce, Home and School Visitor
     Joseph E. Boyle, Business Education
     Patrick M. Canfield (died Feb. 21, 2013), Music
     James J. Capparell (died April 10, 2020), Special Education
     George R. Casey (died Oct. 6, 2006), Science
     Elizabeth Cleveland, English
     James H. Comey, English
     Bertha M. Crider, English
     Doris W. Davis, Home Economics
     Joseph J. DeSanto, Jr., Geography, Science
     Edna C. Eastburn (died June 21, 2002), Latin, English
     John C. Empie (died Oct. 29, 2018), Mathematics
     Gary R. Enschede, Mathematics
     Glenna Eshleman, Librarian
     H. Kirk Fetters (died June 21, 2017), Reading
     Edward F. Fitzkee (died Nov. 11, 2020), English
     Margaret B. Gersen (died Feb. 17, 1998), Social Studies
     Richard Greco (died Jan. 21, 2018), Mathematics
     Ann S. Hannahs (died Jan. 14, 1981), Home Economics
     Frank D. Helker (died Oct. 29, 2017), Physics
     Edmund L. Holcroft (died Sept. 11, 2020), Adaptive Physical Education
     Constance W. Ingram (died July 24, 1989), English
     Edna W. Jackson (died July 12, 2011), Nurse
     George W. Jacobs (died June 1, 2012), Industrial Arts
     Martha B. Johnson, Arithmetic
     David W. Keyser, History
     Richard Kuiawa, Music
     Joyce LaBar (died March 15, 2015), Science
     Leo L. Lawrence (died Sept. 1, 1985), Business Education
     Sharon Leamy (died June 13, 2009), Physical Education
     Horace W. Leith (died Nov. 5, 2003), Physical and Driver Education
     Edward S. Lesnick, History
     Charles B. Lewis, Geography
     Donald McKelvie (died Feb. 12, 1993), Chemistry
     Virginia McKelvie (died Jan. 24, 2013), Homemaking
     Irene J. Meredith (died Sept. 23, 2016), French
     John E. Messinger (died Jan. 14, 2000), Driver Education
     Francis C. Mochnoc (died April 10, 2014), History
     Kay G. Morningstar, Mathematics
     Ethel Moyer, Physical Education
     Evelyn Moyer (died March 15, 2008), French
     Barbara L. Northeimer (died Dec. 14, 2016), Spanish
     Agnesann O'Donnell, History
     Thomas L. Ogurcak, History
     Anne M. Ott (died Jan. 23, 1994), Health
     Ray L. Ott (died Oct. 25, 1990), Music
     Doris P. Oyler (died Sept. 2, 2013), Business Education
     Ann Paetzold, English
     Charles M. Paynter (died May 14, 2003), Physical Education
     Carol E. Peirson, Music
     Jane Powell, Spanish
     Bertha C. Pratt (died May 31, 2013), Home and School Visitor
     Sherlyn Pursel (died Aug. 28, 1991), Art
     Joseph J. Rink, Mathematics
     Linda J. Ritter, English
     Robert C. Roselle (died Nov. 12, 2003), Science
     Jane Rupert (died March 26, 2002), History
     Stephen Sander, Science
     Mary Scott (died June 12, 2016), Mathematics
     Barbara Simpers, English
     Barry G. Sipes (died March 2, 2018), Guidance
     Timothy R. Skiles, History
     Warren M. Smith (died Jan. 23, 2013), Special Education
     Walter S. Soliwoda (died Oct. 30, 2019), History
     Richard B. Souser (died Dec. 28, 1979), Science
     George V. Starr, Mathematics
     Nancy E. Stees (died Dec. 23, 1981), Science
     Franklin Ventresca, Health
     Herbert L. Waltz (died May 11, 1993), Audio Visual Director
     Elizabeth Weisgerber (died March 8, 2017), Reading
     Duane L. Weiss, Guidance
     Kenneth C. Wendel, History
     John M. Whiteside (died July 13, 1998), Mathematics
     Patricia M. Wilcox, Reading
     Mildred I. Willett (died March 30, 1986), Guidance
     Robert J. York (died March 16, 1997), English
     Walter Zale (died July 25, 1983), Industrial Arts
     Myron Zwizanski, Industrial Arts

Support Staff

     Mrs. Arrington (died April 25, 2004)
     Mrs. Grant
     Mrs. Hartman
     Mrs. Rhodes
     Mrs. Steele (died Feb. 5, 2001)

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