Kennett High School, Class of 1918

Faculty and Administration

Faculty and Administration

     Thomas A. Bock (died May 16, 1958), Superintendent of public schools of Chester County

Board of Education

     Frank W. Graff (died July 4, 1946), President
     W. T. Ruth (died July 16, 1944), Vice President
     Mrs. Sara O. Thomas (died May 31, 1932), Secretary
     J. Walter Jefferis (died Oct. 18, 1952), Treasurer
     F. M. Bartram (died March 26, 1956)

High School Administration

     W. E. Rupert (died Nov. 17, 1951), Supervising Principal

High School Faculty

     Paul M. Cuncannon (died Dec. 3, 1971), History and English
     Dorothy E. Super (died April 19, 1973), Latin Department
     Mary H. Gawthrop (died June 26, 1957), Modern Languages
     Helen E. Ickes (died April 21, 1976), English and Mathematics
     Evelyn E. Moyer (died Dec. 12, 1983), Commercial Department
     H. Clifton Thorbahn (died Nov. 12, 1983), Science
     Harold D. Kehm (died Aug. 22, 1979), Science
     Margaret E. Slinghoff (died June 20, 1979), History and English

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