Kennett High School, Class of 1964

Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Lawrence

One of the difficult tasks that faces each student is that of building character.  Although he cannot complete this long and complex process in one step, many things can help him to reach his destination faster and more easily.  We, the Class of 1964, feel that you, Mr. Lawrence, have helped us to make our goals worthwhile, as well as aiding us in their fulfillments.

Therefore, it is to you, Mr. Lawrence, that the Senior Class dedicates this piece of itself, the 1964 Kennetteer.  It is not an empty gesture made because of tradition, but a heartfelt thank you for your interests in our futures.

And whatever the future may hold, Mr. Lawrence, we know that you will continue to do an outstanding job in all your endeavors.  The Class of 1964 is the richer for knowing you!

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